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Pocket Pandemic is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Pocket Pandemic Review

First of all, this is not the Pandemic Flash game on Kongregate (and other sites) that many people know and love. Nor is it affiliated with it in anything but name. Pocket Pandemic is a game where you spread a disease by throwing your virus across a map, and if that doesn’t sound exciting, that’s because it isn’t.

There isn’t much to Pocket Pandemic. You pick a virus out of six cartoony options, and then name it. You then have two options: campaign mode or online mode. In campaign mode, your virus appears on a world map wherever you happen to be. The app uses location services to determine your starting point, but if you don’t allow the services, you can’t play.

Swine flu’s got nothing on whoopiecough.

From the starting point, you decide on one of the five locations marked on the map, and you drag a flight path to the location, taking wind and power into consideration. If you hit the target, then you’ve hit the target. No news of the virus spreading, no governmental actions (like in Pandemic), no better abilities for your virus – it just spreads, that’s all.

After you’ve hit all five locations, you can move on to the next phase. Each phase has five different locations marked, and a group of phases constitutes a wave. In order to progress past the first wave, however, you need to infect five people online. To get to the third wave, you need to infect 15 people, and 30 need to be infected for the fourth wave. You get the picture.

Now available in international markets.

The online mode is identical to the campaign mode, except that you are aiming at other people’s viruses, because apparently one virus can infect another virus. You can find these others by entering their virus names, or using the app to search Twitter for user postings about their virus. This is the only part of the game that has potential with its location services, but it would require a healthy online community in order to succeed. Sadly, the game is simply not good enough to merit such a community, so its one bit of potential dies there.

The only redeeming qualities of Pocket Pandemic are quickly crowded out by poor gameplay and unimaginative repetition, so we advise you to avoid this game and thoroughly wash your hands of it.

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