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Pocket God Pygmies Invade Trenches

In a crossover reminiscent of the time the Doodler met Little Runner, or when Minigore landed in Hook Champ, the pygmies from Pocket God will invade an upcoming Trenches update.

The update, which has already been submitted, is meant to encourage cooperation between iPhone game developers. It’s the such first tie-in for Trenches, but we’re told it won’t be the last. Kris Jones, “Minister of Propaganda” for Trenches developer Thunder Game Works, explained to us why tie-ins like this have become so popular.

“We love to see the AppStore develop and mature and we encourage quality developers to work together to push the quality games and applications above the flood of garbage applications,” Jones wrote to us in an email.

Jones told us that in the update, “players will have the chance to battle rampaging Pygmy Zombies who have escaped from a remote island in the ocean and are overtaking Western Europe.”

For more on these games, you can listen to our interview with Pocket God creators Allan Dye and Dave Castelnuovo at Comic-Con, or read our preview of the upcoming Trenches zombie spin-off, Stenches.

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