Pocket Gamer Acquires Padvance.com

Some exciting news in STP World! We’re pleased to announce that our friends and colleagues at Steel Media, the publisher of Pocket Gamer, have acquired STP’s sister site, Padvance.com. For over two years, Padvance has been a useful resource for iPad owners of all types. We’re confident that Steel Media will continue this good work in the future.

Here’s the full press release:

Bath, UK– 16th August 2012– Steel Media is happy to announce that it has acquired Padvance.com, further boosting the publisher’s already established presence within the portable apps/games consumer site sector.

Launched in 2010 by the founders of respected iOS site, Slide To Play, to accompany Apple’s then new tablet, Padvance’s mission has been to cover all facets of the iPad– from traditional app-related news, previews, reviews, and features, to accessories, videos, tips, tricks and how tos.

Steel Media aims to continue that good work, of course, while looking to bring in additional levels of coverage as the new editorial team settle into their new role.

‘In April 2010, the launch of the iPad forced us to “think different” about how to cover the new tablet device and its many different uses. We started Padvance.com because we knew there would be games to cover, but also educational apps, cooking apps, medical apps, and a lot more we couldn’t even imagine at the time,’ said Andrew Podolsky, Padvance’s Editor-in-chief since launch. ‘After more than two years of covering HD apps, we’re turning over the reins of Padvance.com to the talented team at Steel Media, publisher of Pocket Gamer.

‘Padvance will continue to keep you updated on the latest HD games, but it’ll also cover tech and industry news. You’ll see a lot of the same type of coverage you have before, but with a different editorial team working behind the scenes. With Padvance in safe hands, we can concentrate our efforts on bringing you top-quality gaming news on Slide To Play.’

‘I’m delighted to be able to expand our portfolio and portable gaming expertise with this new acquisition,’ said Chris James, Steel Media MD. ‘The tablet sector is a very exciting space right now in its own right and we hope to be able to demonstrate that as we build on the great work that the guys at Slide To Play have started.’

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