Play GTA V On The Big Screen For Charity

Hey Austin gamers! Want to play GTA V on a movie screen, while raising money for charity? This weekend, Do-Gooder Gamers are hosting a big event at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, and you can buy tickets here. If you can’t make the event, you can still tune in on their Twitch channel for a live-stream.

Original Story: On January 20, 2014, a group called Do-Gooder Gamers will host an event called the GTA V Destruct-A-Thon at the historic Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin, Texas, to raise money for Child’s Play charity. Child’s Play provides toys and games for children’s hospitals all over the world, so it’s a great cause worth supporting. Read on for the details.

During the two-hour Destruct-A-Thon, audience members will be selected to answer videogame trivia. If they answer correctly, they’ll get to go on a big-screen rampage in Grand Theft Auto V, causing as much mayhem as possible in a limited period of time. Local comedians from Austin will provide play-by-play commentary, and there will be prizes for the most entertaining runs. If you’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto V at home, you can imagine how much fun it will be to go wild on a huge movie theater screen in front of a packed audience.

The event is being organized by Slide To Play’s editor Robert Downey. Slide To Play is sponsoring the event, and will be providing prizes to the winners. If you want to get involved, check out Do-Gooder Gamers’ website and visit their Indiegogo fundraising page for more details. Tickets will be available soon.

Do-Gooder Gamers is also seeking game developers and sponsors in the Austin area who can help make this event a success. You can follow Do-Gooder Gamers and get in touch with them via their Twitter account.

Originally published November 7, 2013

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