Plants vs Zombies Talking Zombatar Hands-On Preview

We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that a brand new Plants vs Zombies app is coming to the App Store soon, courtesy of Popcap Games! The bad news is that it’s not a game– it’s an entertainment app in the style of the stupidly popular Talking Carl or Talking Tom Cat.

Talking Zombatar is a free download– thankfully– and it’s meant to expand the PvZ brand into new, casual directions. Talking Zombatar will repeat what you say to it in mindless “zombeese”, and you can send it out offscreen to hunt for brains. You can also dress up your Zombatar in kooky outfits, choreograph a series of dance moves, and place your Zombatar in photos or videos to share with friends.

The only game-like mechanic in Talking Zombatar appears to be the daily rewards you get for checking in on the app every day. You’ll earn in-game currency until the fifth day, when you’ll receive a wearable item. You’ll also have the option to pay money for more gear.

Needless to say, this is not what we were hoping for or expecting from Popcap. They’re known for making great games, not novelty or casual entertainment apps. Talking Zombatar is fairly robust as far as these talking avatar apps go, but it doesn’t resemble anything close to a true Plants vs Zombies sequel.

This year Popcap released a fantastic Zuma game for iOS and a massive PvZ update. We’re hoping PvZ Talking Zombatar is a one-off distraction, and not the beginning of a new trend. We don’t think we could stomach a Peggle-themed alarm clock app or a Chuzzle calculator. Talking Zombatar will be available this Fall.

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