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Physics Gamebox Review

After the original Ragdoll Blaster became popular, we waited for the day that the flash game it was based off of, Ragdoll Cannon, would be ported to the iPhone. Physics Gamebox has finally made that wish come true. This collection features ports of two cannon physics flash games, with both original and exclusive content.

The first game in the pack is Ragdoll Cannon. This doodle-style game is pretty much the same deal as the original Ragdoll Blaster: Hit the goal with a ragdoll. Varying level designs keep things interesting, requiring you to hit a falling goal block, use ragdolls to power contraptions, and so on.

The future of NASA: Ragdolls in space.

Ragdoll Cannon’s major issue comes in its user interface. Each level has the restart and menu buttons placed on random areas of the screen, which can obstruct the most logical places to tap. You can still complete these levels, but it does hamper the experience.

Roly-Poly Cannon, the second physics game, is an interesting variation. Instead of ragdolls, this cannon shoots out bombs that detonate three seconds after hitting something. Instead of hitting a goal, the idea is to blow up baddies or send them burning to death in lava.

At the same time, you must avoid killing any benevolent circle-shaped creatures. We found this game to be the gem of the package, and the steampunk aesthetic and streamlined UI certainly helped on that front.

Because hanging the poor guy wasn’t enough?

One problem both games have is the transitioning between levels. Instead of a smooth animation to bring you over to the next level, you get the spinning ‘loading’ animation in a gray box. It may not bother everyone, but it would have been nice to see an extra layer of polish to cover this up.

Physics Gamebox includes OpenFeint for leaderboards and achievements, plus there is certainly replay value in trying to beat the par on every level. With 200 levels in Ragdoll Cannon and another 100 for Roly-Poly Cannon, Physics Gamebox will definitely keep you busy.

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