Phosphor Games Releases The Dark Meadow Launch Trailer

This time last year, we were eagerly awaiting the launch of Infinity Blade, Apple’s Must Have showcase for the Unreal Engine on iOS. In a press release calling it Infinity Blade’s “spiritual successor,” Phosphor Games unveiled their first full trailer for The Dark Meadow. Based on the video, we think it certainly seems to capture some of the mystery and splendor of Infinity Blade.

According to the official website, the story of The Dark Meadow unfolds after your character wakes up in an abandoned hospital or asylum. You’re urged to take up arms against the demons that roam the hallways, and to defeat an evil presence in the form of a young woman.

Battles in the game seem to include FPS-style crossbow combat, as well as Infinity Blade-style first-person melee combat. Arrows on the screen indicate the directions you can move to avoid attacks, just like in Infinity Blade.

The visuals in The Dark Meadow look astounding, and we can only hope the game will play as well as it looks. The Dark Meadow will be officially launching on October 6, but if you know iOS release dates, that means you can probably expect it to hit the U.S. App Store the night of October 5th, at 8pm PST.

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