Peggle Meets H.P. Lovecraft in The Ball of Cthulhu

Earlier this month, an unusual game hit the App Store, drawing inspiration from both the happy-go-lucky cuteness of Popcap’s Peggle and the sanity-unraveling universe of H.P. Lovecraft. If you’re either a fan of Cthulhu lore, or can’t contain your excitement for Peggle 2, you might want to consider descending into the madness of the App Store to download The Ball of Cthulhu.

The Ball of Cthulhu is a physics-based puzzle game where you play as the evil tentacled god Cthulhu while he summons worshippers. To do this, you’ll have to swipe on the screen to position Cthulhu’s giant, freaky head, and then tap to spit out red balls (or “calls”) which have to reach the hooded worshippers below. If you destroy enough floating stars on the way, you’ll increase your total number of followers and can progress to the next level.


For anyone who’s read H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu stories, you’ll recognize a certain atmosphere of evil and awe-inspiring terror. Between levels, a typewriter will clack out lines of an original story, which follow a private eye who is asked to investigate a secret Cthulhu cult. You’ll also be able to read words written in R’lyehian, the language of the Old Ones– though we don’t recommend doing so out loud.

The sound effects and music are one of our favorite aspects of The Ball of Cthulhu. Pounding drums, chiming cymbals, and blaring horns all provide an impressive feeling of unease. However, the controls and physics aren’t as polished as they are in Peggle. It’s hard to predict where your calls will land without a guide, and your calls can appear to bounce around randomly.


If you just can’t get enough Cthulhu (and for people who have read the books, you know that mind control is one of Cthulhu’s scarier powers), we recommend checking out other Lovecraft-themed iOS games like Necronomicon, Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, and Cthulhu Saves the World.

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