Paramount Releases First Two iPhone Games

As we saw recently with Cartoon Network and Warner Bros., it’s not just games publishers getting in on the iPhone gaming scene; big media companies are also starting to wake up to the possibilities afforded by the App Store. Paramount Digital Entertainment is the latest newcomer–and Saturday Night Fever: Dance! and Iron Man: Aerial Assault are the results.

Saturday Night Fever: Dance! is a $4.99 rhythm game based on the John Travolta star vehicle from 1977. Details from the App Store page:

  • Advanced Touch Interface – Tap and slide to the beat as you master hundreds of dance moves.
  • Dance to the Disco Era’s Biggest Hits – “YMCA”, “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches & Herb, “Car Wash” by Rose Royce, and “Love Machine” by The Miracles
  • Multiple Playable Dancers ‘“ Choose 1 of 2 dancers, each with their own threads and booty shakin’ dance moves that fit your style
  • Go head-to-head – Own the Disco Floor as you improve your skills or boogie down with up to three of your friends on a single device

More on SNF’s multiplayer modes from the press release:

“There are two bonus features that enable multi-player modes beginning with a special Wifi feature that enables two players to synch-up and have their own dance-off from their individual devices in a tug-of-war-style manner. Additionally, there is a hotseat mode that allows up to four players to compete by taking turns and passing the device off to one another. Each player, in sequence, is allowed to chose a character and play to the same song while the game keeps track of each player’s scores.”

Iron Man: Aerial Assault is a $7.99 action game that drops you into Tony Stark’s armored boots for some dogfighting craziness. The App Store page says:

  • The latest technology: IRON MAN: AERIAL ASSAULT pushes the iPhone and iPod Touch’s accelerometer and touch functions to new levels of game-play.
  • High Altitude Battles: Engage a variety of menacing enemies in mid-flight through a series of melee combat quick-time events. Battle through 12 levels as you gain precision flying and shooting skills.
  • Explosive State-of-the-Art Weapons: Including repulsor blasts, lasers, missiles and IRON MAN’S distinctive Unibeam. Arsenal buttons fire weapons with the touch of a thumb.

We’ll work to put up videos of these new games ASAP.

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