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PAX Interview: Hotline Miami 2 and Hatoful Boyfriend publisher, Devolver Digital, on mobile plans and the launch of Cosmic DJ


Some of the most talked about mobile games at PAX were the upcoming survival game, This War of Mine, the ragdoll platformer, The Sleeping Prince, and the color blending puzzler, Light in the Dark.

But what most piqued my interest was the trippy Cosmic DJ set to release this month on iOS.

A clever music sequencing tool masquerading as a super fun EDM RPG, Cosmic DJ is the first game from Austin-based sound design studio GL33K known for its work on iconic game franchises including Halo, Uncharted and Metroid.

On the show floor, I found myself boogie-ing for over an hour in Cosmic DJ, battling bad vibes to reunite lovers, best buds, a band and a dismembered corgi through the power of music. I raved to killer tracks, immersed myself in the acid graphics, and howled at the lulzy dialogue.

Bits and bobs: Round-up of news bits, details, and snark from the Apple Event

Screenshot 2014-09-08 13.25.21

Lots and lots of other bits and bobs surrounding the Apple announcements yesterday. Here’s a quick summary of some of the more interesting ones and some further thoughts.

iCloud Drive pricing – 9to5Mac found the final pricing for iCloud Drive — pretty much matches the pricing of Google Drive — $20/month for 1TB.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus start on Friday (9/12) — it should work like previous years where you can start ordering at midnight — but we’ll know more soon.

In-Store If you are a line up and buy my iPhone type person, the phones go on sale in Apple Stores, carrier stores, and some retail locations on Friday, September 19th. Apple Stores are always your best bet — other stores will have much smaller inventories.

Hit the jump for more!

Apple announces iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8 release, and the Apple Watch


Today while Apple didn’t surprise many, they certainly did impress all. Delivering a full slate of new devices and services in what must be said was the biggest Apple event in years.

We saw the new, larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus join the 5c and 5s creating what is a great range of mobile devices. We also saw the addition of a whole new platform for Apple in the Apple Watch. Apple also extended themselves to payment — Apple Pay which uses existing credit cards and proposes to use them in a secure way for quick, touch free payments at supported retail and online locations.

Hit the jump for more details, analysis, and tons of pictures.

Live: Apple Event – iPhone 6, iWatch, more?

Screenshot 2014-09-08 13.25.21

Today is the day! Will we see the new iPhone (most certainly)? Will we seem the iWatch (likely)? Will we see super hot games running on the new phone – I hope so.

Join us on Twitter for updates live during the announcement starting at 10am Pacific tomorrow. We’ll also have full details and analysis of the announcement and (hopefully) hands-on impressions here tomorrow afternoon.

You can also watch the whole Apple announcement live on Here we go!

Join Us Tomorrow: Most important Apple event in years – iPhone 6, iWatch, what else?

Screenshot 2014-09-08 13.25.21

Tomorrow could be the most important day in recent Apple history. It certainly will be a big test of Tim Cook’s leadership.

If reports are to be believed, we will see the announcement of the next, larger iPhone, the iPhone 6 coming in at 4.7″ and 5.5″ models. But possibly just as important, we will see the announcement of the new Apple wearable — be it the iWatch or whatever it ends up being called. It will be the first new Apple product line since the launch of the iPad in 2010.

We’re also expecting the usual stats update, and hopefully, if we’re lucky, a few game demos that will show off the new iPhones and Metal. If you remember, Metal is Apple’s iOS 8 framework that gives developers much more direct control of the graphics hardware which should lead to even more amazing games.

Join us on Twitter for updates live during the announcement starting at 10am Pacific tomorrow. We’ll also have full details and analysis of the announcement and (hopefully) hands on impressions here tomorrow afternoon.

PAX Prime 2014: For the Love of Gaming Panel

Screenshot 2014-08-26 20.50.29

At PAX Prime 2014, there were several panels offering career advice, with one specifically focused on what it’s like to work in the industry as a game writer.

The panel, Tinder Tales and Other Wicked Ways to Get Work as a Game Writer, moderated by me, featured Dan Tack, PC Editor of Game Informer, Samit Sarkar, Reporter at Polygon, Bobby Stein, Lead Writer for Guild Wars 2 at ArenaNet, Duncan Stanley, Marketing & PR Manager at Deep Silver, Robert Workman, Contributing Writer at Shacknews, and Kyle Gaddo, Editor of Save/Continue.

Hit the jump for key insights shared included these seven top tips every budding blogger should know: