News via Touch Arcade:

Hearthstone Grand Tournament Expansion Coming August 24

If waiting for Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament expansion has left you as restless as an orc with fire ants down its loincloth, here’s some good news: The Grand Tournament begins on Monday August 24.

If you want to get a head-start or simply want to get a really good deal on new packs, go do the pre-order. The new cards look really fun, with some really crazy ones joining the fray.

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News via Touch Arcade:

New Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: Grand Tournament Cards

The Grand Tournament expansion is finally on the horizon! You can start playing with Grand Tournament cards in preparation.

This Brawl has two pre-constructed decks, a Mage and a Hunter deck, that have a mix of old and new cards.

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Reviews via Gamezebo:

Pac-Man 256 Review: The Best Way to Pac

Gamezebo gives Hipster Whale’s Pac-Man 256 a perfect score, calling it one of the best Pac-Man experiences currently available.

Hipster Whale and partners have managed to put the skill-based, training-rewarding gameplay of the classic arcade into a short-burst, endless mobile experience. It’s still the same Pac-Man that you can imagine being featured in tournaments — both universally accessible and painstakingly conquerable — but without the predictable grind of the historically static boards. The best parts of Pac-Man are still here, and all the new features are now some of the best parts of Pac-Man.

Via Gamezebo

How-Tos via AppSpy:

How to Make a Clan in World of Tanks Blitz

How do you make a clan in World of Tanks Blitz? And is it worth doing so? AppSpy has the answers.

Via AppSpy

News via Touch Arcade:

Final Fantasy VII Launches Tonight

If you’ve wanted to play the 1997 RPG Final Fantasy VII on a device that fits in your pocket and you don’t dig Sony’s pair of portables, your wait is nearly over. The game, which is one of the most popular RPGs in the history of the medium, is launching on iOS tonight. While you wait, check out the first hour or so of gameplay above, and Touch Arcade’s first impressions:

I’ll just leave you with this: Love it, hate it, or never played it, Final Fantasy VII is an iconic RPG. It’s one you need to play, and one that’s worth revisiting, even if you only play it long enough to get the inescapable twinge of nostalgia when Aeris’s theme plays.

Via Touch Arcade

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Interesting via Pocket Gamer:

Not All Free-to-Play Games Suck

Did you know that not all free-to-play games suck? It’s true, and AppSpy has video evidence to prove it. Watch them count down the five best freemium games on mobile above.

Via Pocket Gamer


Battle Riders – Car Combat Racing is Currently Free

What’s cooler than a racing game? A racing game with car combat, of course. That’s what you get to do in Battle Riders – Car Combat Racing, so it’s gotta be worth checking out, especially for the current price of zilch. It’s normally $1.99, so grab it before it goes back up.

Gear via Destructoid:

The Gamevice is the Best iOS Controller I’ve Used to Date

Destructoid’s Chris Carter is a big iOS gamer, and he’s just posted about his favorite iOS controller — but there’s a catch or two. First, it costs $100, and second, it only works with the iPad Mini. But if you have a spare benji and an iPad Mini, here’s what he has to say:

The thing I was most impressed about with the Gamevice was the look and feel. Surprisingly, even though it looks like an old-timey exercise device, it’s incredibly sturdy and comfortable to hold. The iPad snaps in and out pretty easily, and I didn’t feel like any damage was being done to my device in the slightest. All you have to do is stretch out the handles a bit, slide it in, and push.

Via Destructoid


Galactic Keep Gets a Slight Delay

Update: Gilded Skull reports that the game got a super-expedited review and is expected to launch tonight without the crash bug.

Original text:

It was so close and yet so far away. Developer Gilded Skull has found a “critical bug” in the Apple-approved version of Galactic Keep and has decided to fix the bug and resubmit, hopefully with an expedited approval process. Gilded Skull’s Rob Lemon said in an email:

“The bug was small and hard to trigger but it caused a crash. We’ve worked on the game too long to send it out into the world with a crash issue.”

So look for the game soon, but not tonight.

Out Now

Out Now: Pac-Man 256

He’s here. And he’s coming for you. He’s just around the corner. It’s Hipster Whale’s Pac-Man 256.

From the creators of Crossy Road…

Cherries are red
Ghosts are blue
Munch a power pellet
Get Lasers too!

PAC-MAN 256 is the maze that never ends. But the Glitch is coming for you…


● PAC-MAN perfectly reinvented for your mobile phone or tablet
● Outsmart ghosts with over 15 ridiculous power ups: Laser, Tornado, Giant and much more
● Stay ahead of the super-villain lurking in PAC-MAN since the beginning: The Glitch
● Take on a new gang of revived retro-ghosts including Sue, Funky, and Spunky
● Waka waka on PAC-DOTS and string a 256 combo for a super special surprise
● Controller support

News via Touch Arcade:

Lunar: Silver Star Story and Vay Pulled From App Store

Sad news for JRPG fans: Both Lunar: Silver Star Story and Vay are gone from the App Store, and there’s no indication they’re coming back.

As those were SoMoGa’s only two games on the App Store, there’s a chance they might not re-up their developer contract with Apple when it expires, which means even those who have bought the games won’t be able to download them anymore. It’s a real loss for the App Store and RPG fans in general, in my opinion.

Via Touch Arcade

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News via Touch Arcade:

Bethesda Uses Tinder For Fallout Shelter Advertising Campaign

Hiding from radiation and roving bandits underground is all well and good, but if nobody is working to eventually repopulate the earth, what’s the point?

By uniting Tinder and Twitter advertising, Bethesda’s Vault Boy “assaulted’ two of the most popular social media services, gaining plenty of exposure for Fallout Shelter. At the same time, this marketing move gained the company plenty of popularity simply because of how funny the idea sounds; we’ve been hearing of Tinder a lot recently, but you don’t expect to swipe left only to find the image of a smiling cartoon staring at you.

Via Touch Arcade


Crossy Road Updates With Six New Characters

Crossy Road just updated with six new characters — but which six new characters? Hipster Whale ain’t telling, so get hopping.

What’s New in Version 1.3.0
6 new characters!

Videos via YouTube:

Watch the Endless Flyer ‘Race the Sun’ in Action

Race the Sun is an endless flyer that seems pretty barebones at first, but fills out nicely as you progress. Watch Lonnie give it a go in the video above.

Via YouTube

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

.Decluster Zero – Bullet Nocturne Review: Remix Done Right

Developer Cave has made a name for itself over the years by releasing a line of what are arguably the best bullet-hell shooters on the App Store. The strangely-punctuated .Decluster Zero – Bullet Nocturne is now available, and Touch Arcade loves it. From the 5-star review:

Remix, follow-up, sequel, or whichever word you want to use, .Decluster Zero – Bullet Nocturne builds impressively on the original game. It increases the thrills by adding new systems to encourage the player to take risks, while maintaining the level of careful design that made the original such a stand-out. The slick visual improvements end up being the cherry on the top of an already-impressive sundae. That the developer has made such excellent gains on the amazing original title in just a handful of months is even more noteworthy. If you like shoot-em-ups, especially the bullet-hell variety, you might be feeling a bit well-fed already of late. I encourage you to make room for one more in your rotation, however, because .Decluster Zero is simply an outstanding bit of joy.

Via Touch Arcade

Deals via Touch Arcade:

Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch is On Sale for $2.99

Warhammer fans have a seemingly endless stream of games to keep their Warhammer thirst quenched, but Deathwatch is probably the best one around. And it has just gone on sale for the first time. Grab it for $2.99 before it goes back to $4.99.

Via Touch Arcade

Videos via YouTube:

Here’s Call of Doodie – Make it to the Office Toilet in Time

Prior to today, you probably didn’t know that you needed a game about avoiding a fecal disaster in your life. That’s all about to change. Watch the video to see this gem in action.

Via YouTube

Reviews via 148Apps:

March of Empires Review: “a glorified spreadsheet”

Empire building games are all the rage nowadays, thanks to ubiquitous games like Game of War – Fire Age. Gameloft has released their new attempt at the genre, and 148Apps has weighed in on it, finding it decent but definitely not great. From the 3.5 star review:

For the casual player though, you’ll mostly be dipping in and out, simply to complete the lesser objectives of March of Empires and this is where things are less appealing. It turns into simple-looking busywork, which is nowhere near as exciting as what you could have experienced.

Via 148Apps

How-Tos via Gamezebo:

The Path to Luma Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

If you’re playing the unique puzzle game The Path to Luma, you might have found yourself scratching your head trying to figure out how to progress. Never fear, because Gamezebo has your back. From the article:

Some of the planets are bifurcated, and will need to be rotated different degrees for SAM to progress. Use landmarks such as pathways or waterways to match up and then test out degrees of rotation to open up new areas. Some levels will also give you different colored pipes to match.

Also make note of symbols and color-coding on receptor bases. Each base is matched to a device (for example, a solar spear base has triangles and turbine wind base has lines). These bases will give you a hint of what you’ll need to be looking for.

Via Gamezebo

News via VentureBeat:

Skylanders Getting Free-to-Play Mobile Card Game

Skylanders is seemingly reaching for a piece of the Hearthstone pie with Skylanders Battlecast, an upcoming free-to-play card battling game.

Activision is approaching the card-battle genre with an interesting twist. It is selling physical cards with Skylanders heroes on them. You open your mobile Skylanders Battlecast app, and then you use your tablet or smartphone camera to view the physical card on a table. Then you see animations associated with the card’s character appear on the screen of the tablet or smartphone. In a two-player game, an animated character can attack another, and you see the animated battle take place on the mobile screen.

Via VentureBeat


Bad Dinos On Sale for $0.99

There are no bad dinosaurs, just misunderstood ones. Find out for yourself: Tower defense game Bad Dinos is on sale for $0.99 USD, down from $2.99 USD.

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