Hitman Sniper Updates With New Characters, New Weapons

Hitmen aren’t known for being lovers of rest and relaxation, so it’s no surprise to learn that Hitman Sniper recently received a substantial update.

What’s New in Version 1.3.1
What’s New in Version 1.3.1
– Added Everyplay integration: Record and share your best play sessions
– Introducing the Head of Security: He patrols and calls in reinforcements
– New rifle added: Aria – Gold (Unlocks all targets and Intel)
– Assassin Tier expanded to the 1000 best players
– Added Inverted aiming option
– Now allows for music playback in the game
– Metal integration and various performance improvements
– Will not connect to servers if connection is too weak
– Bug fixes and various improvements.


Speedball 2 Evolution On Sale for $2.99

Speedball 2 Evolution is a cross between hockey and football, so you know someone’s going to lose at least one tooth. It’s currently on sale for $2.99 USD, down from $4.99 USD.

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The Nightmare Cooperative On Sale for $0.99

With a name like “The Nightmare Cooperative,” how can you go wrong? This excellent roguelike puzzler is currently on sale for $0.99 USD, down from $3.99 USD.

Previews via Touch Arcade:

Star Trek: Timelines Brings the Universe’s Characters Together

New information about the upcoming game Star Trek: Timeline reveals some key details about the title, including which characters are invited to the party (pretty much everyone).

The team behind the game emphasizes in every opportunity that it consists of great fans of the show, so they want to really bring the core principles and viewpoints of Star Trek into the game: optimism for the future, belief in progress and equality, and a love for exploration.

Via Touch Arcade

News via Touch Arcade:

“ClashCon” Celebrates Clash of Clans This Fall

Supercell recently talked about the reasons why Clash of Clans has been enduringly popular over the past weeks and months. It also revealed “ClashCon,” a celebration of all things Clash of Clans that will be happening in October.

Supercell has also recently announced that in celebration of the game’s third birthday, the company will hold its first ever convention, ClashCon, that aims to unite players from all over the world. The Con will take place October 24, 2015 in Helsinki, Finland, Supercell’s base of operation. The company has promised that ClashCon will surprise Clash of Clans players but didn’t disclose any more about that.

Via Touch Arcade

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Alphabear Updates With Game Rebalancing

A balanced bear is a happy bear. Alphabear is now a touch more even-handed thanks to some recent retooling.

What’s New in Version 01.06.01
So much good stuff in this update! Here are the biggest changes:

– We’ve done a major rebalance of the game. Difficulty increases per chapter should feel more even and rewards should feel more consistent.
– Bear naptimes are MUCH shorter.
– A couple dozen cute new bears spread across the chapters, to increase the variety of rewards (and because, well, why NOT add a bunch more cute bears?)
– Bear selection screen has been revamped to make it easier to browse your collection and select/unselect bears (pro-tip: you can now double tap a bear to select it quickly.)
– New “challenge missions” in each chapter, which are extra-hard, but always give rare rewards if you earn a gold egg!

News via Pocket Gamer:

Pokemon Shuffle Hits iOS and Android in Japan

Pokemon Shuffle, the free-to-play puzzle / battling game currently exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, recently hit the Japanese App Store and Google Play. An English-language release probably isn’t far behind, pika.

This is not Nintendo’s entry in the world of mobile, however. The Pokemon Company isn’t fully owned by Nintendo and has made plenty of iOS apps already. Nintendo’s first mobile game with DeNA will be announced this year.

Via Pocket Gamer

How-Tos via AppSpy:

How to Unlock the Pac-Man Ghosts in Crossy Road

The Pac-Man ghosts have invaded Crossy Road. Maybe you need instructions on how to round them up and make them your own? AppSpy has you covered.

Via AppSpy


Pac-Man Comes to Crossy Road

Why did Pac-Man cross the road? To wakka wakka wakka, of course. Pac-Man and the ghosts are now in Crossy Road as part of a cross-promotion with Hipster Whale’s Pac-Man 256.

What’s New in Version 1.3.1
PAC-MAN comes to CROSSY ROAD as a completely free update.
Don’t forget to download PAC-MAN 256 by BANDAI NAMCO, Hipster Whale and 3 Sprockets. Available now.

Interesting via Gamezebo:

Fallout Shelter Infographic Breaks Down the Game’s Numbers

The apocalypse can be fun! Just look at the infographic Bethesda put together for Fallout Shelter’s numbers so far.

The numbers they’ve pulled together are pretty startling, and have no doubt been helped by Fallout Shelter’s recent Android launch and iOS content update.

Via Gamezebo


Devious Dungeon 2 is Currently Free

This dungeon isn’t too devious. It’s just full of good platforming. It’s currently free, too!

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News via Touch Arcade:

The Deer God Comes to iOS on September 3

Do you have what it takes to be the Prince of the Forest? You’ll get to find out on September 3, when The Deer God comes to iOS.

So far The Deer God has gotten kind of a mixed response on Steam, with some people really clicking with the game and some just plain not liking it. For what it’s worth, I went hands-on with the mobile version of the game back at GDC in March, and I really, really enjoyed what I saw then.

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Clumsy Ninja Updates With Costumes

Ninjas must be strong like gorillas and swift like, uh, dinosaurs. Clumsy Ninja’s latest update includes critter costumes, and purchasing them will help out real animals. Not dinosaurs, though. Dinosaurs are beyond help.

What’s New in Version 1.17.0
Join the Pack!
Dress up your ninja as a dinosaur or gorilla!
Purchases help real world animals!
Special partnership with Wildlife Conservation Network


Modern Combat 5: Blackout Updates With New Body Armor

Heading into a war zone? Don’t forget to dress for the occasion. Modern Combat 5: Blackout makes survival a bit easier with the inclusion of new body armor.

What’s New in Version 1.4.1
What’s a mask without a suit?! Masks are now a part of your character customization because FULL BODY ARMORS are here!

• Combat classes can now change 4 individual parts from their armor: Torso, Legs, Arms and Mask
• Collect and equip all 4 parts of a full tactical suit to unlock awesome perks: healing boosts, radar jamming, and more
• Overcharge your suit with powerful abilities for further tactical choices
• Each class gets its own suit

• Tokyo will become your battleground in the new Vantage map, designed for both close combat and long-range firefights

• Customize your armor with loads of new camo designs
• Seize all the new Trinkets and Killsigns

• Compete to be the hero of your neighborhood!


Madden NFL Mobile Updates With New Season

There’s a tiny taste of fall in the air, which means just one thing: Football, football, football. Madden NFL Mobile is ready if you are.

What’s New in Version 2.7.0
An all-new MADDEN Season is here! Be the playmaker and run your own routes as your favorite receiver. Kick off with a fresh new update, including:

• Take control of any receiver in Seasons or Live Events
• Improved modes and navigation with an all-new UI
• Boosted rewards in Spontaneous Challenges
• New and updated playbooks
• Competitive fine-tuning in Head-to-Head and Leagues
• Plus, enhancements to every mode and screen in the game!


Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past On Sale for $0.99

It’s tough times for mutants, so saving a bit of money is never a bad thing. Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past is on sale for $0.99 USD, down from $4.99 USD.


Plunder Pirates Updates With Legendary Pirates

Plunder Pirates has some new seadogs on-board. But these arrrn’t plain pirates — these be legendary pirates. Tattered rags of silk, platinum hooks — the whole nine yards.

What’s New in Version 2.0.0
The Legendary Pirates are here! A fabled group of battle hardened warriors, each with their own set of unique abilities and attack styles to aid you in both attack and defense; can you find and recruit them all?
With the Trade Ship arriving at your island soon, prepare yourselves for the legendary era of Plunder Pirates.

Update also includes:
Legendary Pirates – Brand new heroic pirates with a huge collection of fashionable outfits
Treasure Chests – Find and unlock these chests to receive untold treasures
Materials – Discover a range of mysterious items to aid you in your adventure
New Buildings – The Silo and Legendary Fort are ready and waiting to be built
Upgrade – New levels for the Ground Pounder, Mines, Stone Mason and others
Made betterer – Numerous other bug fixes and optimisations (full details at forum.plunderpirates.com)

Interesting via Destructoid:

Here’s How to Play as a Walrus in Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon

Really, the headline of this piece gets right to the point. From Destructoid:

If you happen to be one of those arachnid-fearing folks, you’re in luck! Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon actually has an “arachnophobe mode” which can be unlocked in one of two ways: either by playing the game a lot and solving a bunch of mysteries, OR by simply entering a secret code.

In the settings menu, just go to Save Sessions, click on your current session, and change the name to “ROSMARUS”. Then reload the estate map and check out the spider selection screen and you should have unlocked the Odobenus rosmarus, or the common walrus.


Via Destructoid

Out Now

Out Now: Pocket God vs Desert Ashes

What happens when high technology invades a low-tech world? Violence, obviously. Pocket God vs Desert Ashes is the crossover game you probably never expected to happen.

It’s “Clash of the Titans!” Or, rather, “Clash of the Pygmies and Landians!” In cooperation with Bolt Creative, Nine Tales Digital brings you a new spin on their popular Desert Ashes turn-based strategy game, guest starring a powerful Pygmy army defending their territory. The Desert Ashes Landians have passed through a magical portal to the remote islands of Pocket God. The Landians’ victory over the indigenous Pygmies isn’t as assured as they think. Even with their futuristic weapons, the Landians face a resourceful foe armed with spears… who are in turn allies with head-hurling zombies and sharks shooting laser beams!

Play as single player with over 10 hours of game play, or as multiplayer with unlimited play! Level up your army and become Lord of the Pygmies!


Polymer On Sale for $0.99

If you’ve conquered the Rubik’s Cube, you owe it to yourself to try and master the sliding puzzle game Polymer. It’s on sale for $0.99 USD, down from $1.99 USD.

Out Now via Touch Arcade:

Out Now: Frozen Synapse Prime

If you’re a fan of strategy games, you’re probably already familiar with Frozen Synapse, a great game that came out a couple of years ago. The developers have remade the game from the ground up, and it’s available now. From Touch Arcade:

According to the description of FSP’s PC version (which I expect will be more or less the same as the iOS version), the game now boasts a full 3D presentation that fleshes out the original’s minimalist art style into a game that has kill cams, cinematic replays and more. FSP‘s tactics also offer new options that didn’t exist in Frozen Synapse such as Slide, Sweep, Room Selection, and so on. Finally, FSP offers a “Replay Theater” that lets you rewatch your matches to figure out why that one guy got his face blown off. Now, the App Store description doesn’t mention a multiplayer mode (while the PC version has a pretty good multiplayer mode), so proceed with caution.

Via Touch Arcade

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