Real Racing 3 Updates with Porsche Leipzig Test Track

Real Racing 3 has seen yet another update. This time bringing the Leipzig test track and two new Porsche cars, the Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach package and the Porsche Boxster GTS.

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‘Viking Mushroom’ Gets a Beautiful Trailer

If you like gorgeous art and side-scrolling platformers, you’ll want to put Viking Mushroom on your radar. Unfortunately, the game isn’t launching until 2016, but watch the trailer and get hype. From Touch Arcade:

The game looks quite a bit like Rayman both in the very colorful environments and the apparent humor. In a recent interview for the Examiner, the development team explained that this game is about Vikings and their lives, with every rune and item in the game having a real-world counterpart. Apparently, mushrooms will have an important yet undisclosed role in the game (maybe your ultimate goal is to make the best mushroom soup ever?). The game will feature a unique control scheme, according to the developers, although they didn’t want to get into more detail about what makes it so unique. Also, MobGe is very focused on delivering a strong story to the players and aims to employ many new techniques to do so.

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[Sponsored] Mucho Party Update Adds 3 New Games, Goes Free To Try

Many thanks to Mucho Party for sponsoring Slide To Play this week.

Mucho Party is a local multiplayer party game that now includes 40 mini games. Bud don’t fret if it’s a party of one — Mucho Party includes three different AI levels for single play. The mini games includes in each round can be chosen in 6 different ways ensuring lots of variety or allowing the players to pick their favorite mini games.

This latest update also takes the game to free to download allowing players to try before they buy. Five of the 40 games are included for free with the other 35 easily unlocked via one single in-app purchase.

Mucho Update is available now on iOS App Store. The game is also available on Google Play and Amazon App Store.

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Check Out These ‘Minecraft’ Survival Games

In his latest video, our favorite YouTuber Lonnie takes on some devious Hunger Games-style survival games in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Check it out if you enjoy fun and things that are fun.

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‘Mountain Goat Mountain’ Review: Charm Central

Not only is Mountain Goat Mountain one of the most adorable titles of any game on the App Store, but it’s also a lot of fun. From Gamezebo’s 4.5 out of 5 star review:

Mountain Goat Mountain is challenging and charming, with gorgeous environments and pleasurable gameplay. In sum, it’s a truly joyful experience. If you’re wondering why everyone is loving goats so much these days, this game will certainly show you why.

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‘Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle’ Review: Grindy Fun

148Apps has reviewed the new outlandish orb-tapping game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and found it to be worthy of 4 out of 5 stars. From the review:

I’m not big on Dragon Ball Z or freemium dungeon-crawling puzzle games, but I have to admit Dragon Ball Z Dokken Battle has managed to keep my interest. It’s simple but still a little complex, and the flashy combat is just bonkers enough to make me not care about how little control I have over the action. I’d say give it a shot, no matter your preference.

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Reviews via Pocket Gamer:

‘Impulse GP’ Review: ‘Wipeout’ on a Bike

Impulse GP is a slick racer that’s like a combination of Wipeout and a motorbike racer, according to Pocket Gamer. From their 6 out of 10 review:

There are some great ideas here, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other games adopting a similar control scheme in the coming months, butImpulse GP can never quite live up to the promise of its concepts.

Via Pocket Gamer

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Upcoming ‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ Beta Delayed

The plan had been for Mojang to release a beta for a new version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition on July 29. Unfortunately, sometimes plans change. From Touch Arcade:

In case you don’t remember, the upcoming update is supposed to coincide with the release of Windows 10 and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta and will add a billion new features. According to Tommasso, while they could start the beta on the 29th, that would mean no Enchanting, Music, or Controller support, which would be a disappointment to many. The new goal is August, hopefully.


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Reviews via AppSpy:

Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion Review – Long Title, Lots of Content

According to AppSpy’s review of Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion, this turn-based strategy game has lots of content to back up its meaty name.

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Hyperlight On Sale for $0.99

If you’re in the mood for some space shooter action — and why wouldn’t you be — Hyperlight is currently on sale for $0.99 USD, down from $1.99 USD.

Reviews via Gamezebo:

Card King: Dragon Wars Review – Pokemon Hearthstone

Gamezebo describes Card King: Dragon Wars as a cross between Pokemon and Hearthstone, which, as you might imagine, isn’t a bad combination at all.

Initially I was thrown off by the fact that my critters were not cards themselves, and that the only way to get more cards is to attack critters, but it didn’t take long to get a firm grasp on the gameplay mechanics and really fall into the flow of things.

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Weekly Hearthstone Update: Defining Cards, Devious Decks, and More

Touch Arcade’s weekly Hearthstone roundup features, among other things, a deck that prevents a player from taking their turn. Don’t forget: A big Hearthstone announcement is coming on July 22!

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A Nintendo Mobile Experiment: The Smart Boy

The Smart Boy, a Nintendo smartphone mock-up from Pierre Cerveau, illustrates a pretty cool way Nintendo could combine a smartphone with tactile controls. Short answer: A plug-in d-pad console.

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Reviews via PC Magazine:

FireWhip Video Review: Get Cracking

According to PC Magazine, FireWhip is a satisfying action / arcade experience. You might say it’s so hot, it’s cool (boo).

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Pac-Man Bounce Soft-Launches in Canada and Australia

Wakka wakka boing. Puzzle / adventure game Pac-Man Bounce has soft-launched in Canada and Australia. Look for an official release later this year.

◆ MIND-BOGGLING LEVELS! Bounce across more than 100 unique levels.
◆ DELICIOUS WORLDS! Spring your way through 10 flavorful worlds made of tasty snacks.
◆ ENEMIES TO CHEW ON! Dodge dangerous obstacles and enemies including the infamous ghost gang: Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde.
◆ FRIENDS TO OUTSMART! Compete against your Facebook friends.


DragonVale Updates With Great Dragon Faire

Even dragons need to take it easy in the summertime. That’s why DragonVale recently updated with the Great Dragon Faire, which has events galore.

What’s New in Version 3.1.0
Step right up, step right up, come one, come all to the Great Dragon Faire!

Thanks to community feedback, the wizards have altered the way you earn prizes! Throughout the event, pick and choose the prizes that you want in any order!

Play “Name That Dragon!” – a game to challenge your knowledge.

Spin the Wheel of Chance to test your luck!

Exciting elemental themes that change and add new prizes as the Faire progresses!

New dragons, island themes, new animated decorations, and more!


har.mo.ny 3 Updates With New Levels, Goes on Sale for $0.99

If you haven’t had a chance to try out har.mo.ny 3’s musical puzzles, now’s a good time to start singing. There’s a whole new chapter to enjoy, and the game is on sale for $0.99 USD, down from $2.99 USD.

What’s New in Version 1.1
Chapter 4 is here! Introducing “Endurance”, containing 30 beautiful yet ultra-challenging 6 and 7-color levels. These are some of the most difficult levels of the entire har•mo•ny series!

Also now featuring nearly 2.5 hours of music including 5 new songs by Hammock that are sure to delight your ears. These songs are featured throughout the game so you can enjoy them right away!


Doodle God On Sale for $0.99

It’s a good weekend to play God. Doodle God is on sale for $0.99 USD, down from $1.99 USD.


SNK Summer Sale Includes King of Fighters, Metal Slug, and More

SNK is holding a big summer sale, and you’re invited to partake in the savings. 12 games have been knocked down to $0.99 USD through July 31, including:


Out Now

Out Now: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation from Glu

Out two weeks before the movie, the official tie-in game is out now from Glu.


Driver Speedboat Paradise Updates With Miami Vibe

Hold on tight and tease your hair to the proper heights: Driver Speedboat Paradise is going back to the ’80s.

What’s New in Version 1.3.1
Get ready to feel the Miami Vibe!

Take our 2 new “Thuglife” and “Lawshield” boats for a ride in the Miami bay and gaze upon the famous sunsets and neon colors of the Magic City, thanks to the completely overhauled visuals of this location.

Along this trip with a 80s vibe, don’t forget to meet with your new fans and to add some new lifestyle items to your collection.


Angry Birds Transformers Updates With New Characters

Bluestreak and Prowl have joined the cast of Angry Birds Transformers. You may already be familiar with these heroes, but rest assured they have a lot more feathers in their new incarnations.

What’s New in Version 1.6.11
/NEW CHARACTER! The Blues have arrived as Bluestreak and Prowl! Unlock them via Portal Missions.
/ENERGONICONS! Knock down those Piggies even faster with fireballs, lightning storms, and many other unique skills by unlocking over 40+ different Energonicons to take into events.
/CRAFTING! Use your hard-earned materials to craft Energonicons in Professor Pigs Crafting Lab.

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