Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run on Sale for $1.99

Cowab–you know how the rest goes. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run is on sale for $1.99 USD. That’s down one dollar from its usual price of $2.99 USD. Who doesn’t love being a turtle?

Previews via Gamezebo:

King Soft-Launches Alpha Betty Saga

We can say this for King: The studio keeps itself busy. The makers of Candy Crush Saga recently soft-launched a word-building game called Alpha Betty on the Spanish Google Play store. You can also give it a try (worldwide) on Facebook.

After playing the first few levels of Alpha Betty Saga on Facebook, it’s not hard to see what King are going for here. Alpha Betty Saga is a merging of two worlds: the falling-block, power-up heavy world of Candy Crush Saga and the spelltastic world of games like Scrabble, Boggle and Bookworm Adventures. And from what little we’ve seen, it’s a combination that works really well.

Via Gamezebo

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Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Halo: Spartan Strike Review – Superior Sibling

Two Halo games hit the App Store late last week: Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike. What’s the difference between the two? Eric Ford explains in Touch Arcade’s review of Spartan Strike. Which, incidentally, is supposedly the better of the two top-down shooters, though Touch Arcade ranks both of them highly.

If you want to pick up both games, you can grab them in a $9.99 bundle. That’s a $1 savings! Buy yourself a Spartan-strength coffee.

It’s no question that if I had to choose between Halo: Spartan Assault or Halo: Spartan Strike that I’d pick the latter. It’s brand new, has a host of iterative improvements to the gameplay formula and looks and sounds excellent.

Via Touch Arcade

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Halo: Spartan Assault Review – Solid Shooting

Halo: Spartan Assault launched alongside Halo: Spartan Strike late last week. According to Touch Arcade’s review, Spartan Assault is a pretty decent twin-stick shooting game.

It’s obvious that fans of the series should check out Halo: Spartan Assault right away, but I think it’s one of the better dual-stick shooters to launch recently on the App Store even if you’re not a Halo fan.

Via Touch Arcade


Scarlett Fox Now Free in Temple Run 2

Last month, a grade six student named Madeline Messer wrote an article in the Washington Post asking why female characters in free-to-play games usually cost money to unlock versus their default male counterparts. Imangi Studios agreed making girls pay up for representation is a bit unfair, and made the runner Scarlett Fox a free character in Temple Run 2. Update the app to break down her paywall.

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Out Now via Pocket Gamer:

Out Now: Letterpad

Nimblebit, the studio behind games like Tiny Tower and Pocket Trains, is an expert on tiny wee things. So it’s no wonder its latest game, Letterpad, is a simple but fun word-finding game with Apple Watch compatibility. Give it a try; it’s free to download.

The game gives you a grid of letters and a topic. Your job is to find all the words in that pile of letters that relate to the topic. You’re told how many words you need to find, and their length.

Via Pocket Gamer


Pandemic: The Board Game On Sale for $4.99

Don’t let the apocalypse stop you from a great deal. Pandemic: The Board Game is now available on iPhone as well as iPad. To celebrate, the game is on sale for $4.99 USD, down from $6.99 USD. Seal the borders, put on your mask, wash your hands, and have fun.

Interesting via Pocket Tactics:

Spiderweb Software No Longer Developing for iOS

Spiderweb Software, the studio behind the RPGs Avernum, Avadon, and others, will seemingly no longer be developing for iOS. Its latest RPG, Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, was pulled from the App Store shortly after its release because iOS 8.3 busted up the game pretty badly.The studio’s had other woes with the platform as well, including soaring advertising costs and increased competition. Read studio founder Jeff Vogel’s blog for more info.

Via Pocket Tactics


Hands-On Preview of Smash Land

Smash Land is Supercell’s next game – theoretically. Even though the title is in soft-launch, Supercell ultimately pulled the plug on another title it soft-launched some time ago, Spooky Pop. Whether Smash Land materializes or not, this hands-on preview from AppSpy makes the physics / RPG game seem pretty fun.

Deals via Touch Arcade:

Stealth Inc is Free this Weekend

Stealth platforming game Stealth Inc is free this weekend. That’s a very handsome drop from its usual price tag of $4.99 USD. Since Stealth Inc 2 recently hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via the Humble Bundle store), now’s a good time to get sneaky.

Via Touch Arcade

Reviews via Pocket Gamer:

WWE 2K Review: Good Wrestling On the Go

If you can’t bear to be separated from John Cena for any length of time, WWE 2K for mobile should be good company. Pocket Gamer gives the title a 7 out of 10, describing it as a solid brawler that may or may not be worth the price depending on how deep your WWE fandom runs..

There’s a good, chunky single player game here, but at the price that it’s being offered for, you’d expect everything to work a little bit better.

Via Pocket Gamer

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News via Gamezebo:

Pixels Movie Getting a Mobile Game Adaptation

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to see your favorite video game heroes team up to take down a bad guy? That’s sort of what’s supposed to happen with the mobile game adaptation of Adam Sandler’s upcoming movie, Pixels. This free-to-play tower defense game features appearances from ’80s arcade stars, including Pac-Man and Frogger.

Via Gamezebo


The 7th Guest is Now on Android

Classic puzzle / horror game The 7th Guest is finally on Android. How terrifying! No, wait, that’s actually pretty cool. Even better, it’s on sale through the weekend for $3.99 USD. You can grab it off Google Play – though it’s admittedly hard to “grab” ghosts.

Out Now

Out Now: Masters of the Masks

Square-Enix recently launched another strategy RPG called Masters of the Masks. Interestingly, there was little fanfare behind the launch. It’s a free game with some very nice cell-shaded visuals, so give it a glance.

Deals via AppShopper:

Hitman Go is On Sale for $0.99

Do you enjoy awesome iOS games? If so, you have to play Hitman Go. Square Enix has just dropped the price of the game from $4.99 to $0.99, something they almost never do. If you haven’t played this masterful stealth board game, do yourself a favor and grab it while it’s on sale. You won’t regret it. From our glowing review:

Unlike most board games, there’s no tutorial or instruction manual. You’re just thrown in and left to figure out how the game works. The levels are designed to incrementally teach you how to play, and they do a good job of it. You learn from each mistake, which creates a satisfying sense of discovery.

Via AppShopper

Reviews via 148Apps:

Garfield: Survival of the Fattest Review – Been There, Done That

Aside from having one of the best names of any game on the App Store, Garfield: Survival of the Fattest is actually a reasonably decent game. It won’t blow your mind or anything, but if you like lasagna-eating cats and town-building games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out, you’ll want to check it out. From 148Apps’s 3 out of 5 star review:

The main reason why you’ll be vaguely enticed by Garfield: Survival of the Fattest is because of its comic strips and unlocking new characters. The latter works like The Simpsons: Tapped Out does, luring you into unlocking your favorite characters. It’ll take a long time though, and it’s ultimately a title you’ve seen and played before.

Via 148Apps

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays Storage: Auction Legends

You know those Storage Wars shows? Where hustlers bid on abandoned storage units in hopes of finding loot of incredible value? That’s a game now, and YouTuber Lonnie has posted a video about it. Check it.

Via YouTube

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Implosion – Never Lose Hope Review: Just Buy It Immediately

If you’re looking for an absolutely killer action game, look no further than Implosion – Never Lose Hope. It may be a premium priced game, but it’s worth every penny and then some, says Touch Arcade in their 5 out of 5 star review.

I don’t mind saying that I’m kind of head over heels for Implosion. I’ve played it through a few times already, and I suspect I’ll be going through it more in the future. It’s a well-designed action game with enjoyable progression, fun customization, and fairly deep mechanics. That all of that is wrapped up in a stunning package is just delicious frosting on the cake.

Via Touch Arcade

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5 Tips and Tricks for Final Fantasy Record Keeper

The folks at DeNA have dropped us a line to clue our readers in on some handy tips and tricks for the nostalgia snowball that is Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Here they are:

  • Make Record Synergy a top priority when choosing characters and equipment!
    • Record Synergy not only boosts the stats of your characters, but it also increases the EXP they earn.
  • Honing abilities makes them much more useful. It’s best to start by honing lots of lower rank abilities.
    • Using recovery abilities mid-dungeon is often essential, so hone those abilities to increase the number of uses.
  • Check out strategy advice before heading into a dungeon!
  • Many of the character-exclusive Soul Breaks attached to certain pieces of equipment are immensely effective.
    • If you manage to acquire one, be sure to put it to good use. Even if it doesn’t seem to be that useful at first, the time may come for it to shine! These Soul Breaks include:
      • Sentinel: Draws enemy single-target physical attacks and makes the user’s Defense three times higher! It’s a great way to protect mages and other allies with low Defense.
      • Darkness: Sacrifices some of the user’s HP to launch a powerful dark elemental physical attack at all foes! It’s also a long-range attack, so it can be used to strike hard to reach enemies!
      • Healing Wind: Recovers the HP of all party members! The amount recovered is equivalent to Cura, and could be a real life-saver against bosses that use area of effect attacks.
  • Accessories are quite rare but incredibly useful. You can win them as dungeon rewards in events, so don’t miss out!
  • News via VentureBeat:

    Hearthstone’s third Blackrock Mountain wing, Blackrock Spire, is now live

    Lately it seems like Hearthstone posts just don’t stop coming. That’s because a lot is going on with this fantastic card battling game lately, and if you’re not playing it, you should probably change that ASAP. The third section of the Blackrock Mountain DLC has gone live. VentureBeat reports:

    This gives you three new bosses to fight against as part of the continuing solo adventure. This is just one of the ways that Blizzard is keeping fans of its first free-to-play and mobile game coming back for more, and it’s working as Hearthstone is one of the top-grossing apps on iOS and Android. The developer is selling this new episode for $7, but you can buy the entirety of Blackrock Mountain for $25 — that will save you a few bucks over purchasing each wing separately.


    Via VentureBeat

    Reviews via Gamezebo:

    Lost Within Review: A Hair-Raising Good Time

    Survival horror game Lost Within is the first title from Amazon Game Studios to go live outside its own App Store, meaning there are a lot of eyes on it. That’s creepy in its own right, but according to Gamezebo’s four out of five-star review for the title, Lost Within is a high-quality horror game, period.

    In a lot of ways, Lost Within felt like a very “by the numbers” horror game. This isn’t a criticism mind you — merely an observation that I got pretty much exactly what I was expecting from it. If you’re looking for a tense game that’s heavy on storytelling (and an absolute treat for you eyes), Lost Within is an easy recommendation — especially for gamers who like a good fright.

    Via Gamezebo

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