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News via Siliconera:

New Bike Rider Trailer Stars Stop-Motion, Vine Stars

Amutus’ simplified BMX racer, Bike Rider, has seen massive success on mobile in Japan, as well as on the Nintendo 3DS. However, it hasn’t made much of an impact outside Japan. Amutus hopes to change that with its new trailer for the game, which stars Vine personalities Marcus and Cody Johns, and also features stop motion from Jethro Ames.

Via Siliconera

How-Tos via Gamezebo:

Hints and Tips for Sky Punks

Sky Punks is an endless running / racing game from Rovio Stars. Though most of its action is straightforward, it still has some areas wherein a bit of extra help might come in handy. Gamezebo’s guide for the game has you covered.

While Sky Punks is a pretty straightforward title with very little to differentiate it from other endless runners, the game still comes with a number of challenges, many of which can be solved with the Sky Punks Tips, Cheats, and Strategies that you’ll find here.

Via Gamezebo

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News via Pocket Gamer:

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist Coming to Mobile This Summer

Love him or hate him, internet personality / YouTuber PewDiePie is certainly popular to warrant the creation of his own game. PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is being worked on by Outerminds, and features pugs, sharks, barrels, and cameos from other popular Youtube reviewers. Look for it on mobile sometime in summer.

Via Pocket Gamer

Previews via AppSpy:

Footage of Final Fantasy XIII Streamed to Mobile

Over in Japan, Square-Enix fans can get their hands on a super-ambitious project from the company: A full version of Final Fantasy XIII streamed directly to their iOS or Android device. As this hands-on footage from AppSpy demonstrates, the transition is not exactly beautiful – though having the game beamed from servers in Japan to a device in the UK undoubtedly plays a part in the game’s chronic slowdown.

No word on whether or not we’ll see a release for English-speaking territories.

Via AppSpy

News via Gamezebo:

GI Joe Coming to Mobile

Yo Joe! Whether you’re a fan of the good guys or prefer to side with the slithery Cobra Commander, you’ll be glad to know a mobile GI Joe game from Hasbro and Backflip Studios is in the works. Look for the game this summer.

While details are still scarce at this stage, G.I. Joe Strike (not to be confused with G.I. Joe Cobra Strike for the Atari 2600) will supposedly be a “cinematic” action game that pits players as Snake Eyes against longtime bosom rival, Storm Shadow. The exact style of gameplay is unknown, but the promise of over a hundred collectable ability cards hints at a strategic, turn-based element that brings back fond memories of our days playing with the action figures—“Kyah kyah, take that right hand! No, take that left hand!” We were lonely children.

Via Gamezebo

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Deals via 148Apps:

Twisty Hollow is Now Free

Twisty Hollow, a unique and often funny puzzle game, has dropped from $2.99 USD to zero dollars on the App Store. Pick it up and help out some ghosts, lumberjacks, and beavers.

Via 148Apps


Best Fiends Game Coming to the Apple Watch

Seriously’s adorable bugs and lizards, the Best Fiends, are coming to the Apple Watch on April 24. Unlike the original game’s puzzle format, however, the Apple Watch iteration is more like a simplified RPG. It lets you earn rewards and treasure that you can use in the main game.

How-Tos via Touch Arcade:

Hints and Tips for Mortal Kombat X

Need a hand beating up all those people out to kill you? There’s no shame in admitting it. Touch Arcade’s Mortal Kombat X guide is engineered to help you win without spending real-world cash.

Via Touch Arcade

News via Pocket Gamer:

Everything That’s Coming in the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Update

There’s a storm comin’ to Minecraft Pocket Edition. A storm of updates, that is. Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 is currently in Android beta, and going by the list put together by Pocket Gamer, there’s a real whack of content coming when the update finally goes life worldwide.

Via Pocket Gamer

Videos via Gamezebo:

FOX TV Affiliate Plays Finger Derpy

It’s always fun to watch dignified news anchors gradually become dishevelled, and if there’s one thing that’ll make you loosen your tie and start to sweat, it’s trying to steer a racehorse afflicted by QWOP-style physics.

Move over PewDiePie. It’s all over, Twitch. When you want to see the hottest video games played live, there’s only one place you need to go: Fox 41 News in Louisville, Kentucky.

Via Gamezebo

News via Next Games:

Early Details About The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Next Games is hard at work on The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, a mobile game based on the popular franchise about surviving zombies (and surviving humans). The game is seemingly quite open-ended, and revolves around trying to stay alive in very unfriendly circumstances.

It’s a hostile world out there, and with the dead walking, the one thing that’s guaranteed is that you won’t be safe. Expect to meet the walkers en masse, and not always when you want to. Where do you find shelter for your group? Where do you find the food, equipment and weapons you need? What is the best strategy to overcome the walkers closing in? Who will survive?

Via Next Games

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Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Corridor Z Review: Endless Runners Aren’t Dead Yet

If you thought all the blood had been sucked out of the endless runner genre, you might want to take a look at Corridor Z, a free-to-play game about running down hallways to escape zombies. From Touch Arcade’s 4 out of 5 star review:

The one thing I give developer Mass Creation huge props for with Corridor Z is that it attempts to insert a backstory and context into the simple premise of running endlessly. Sure, Temple Run had the “plot” of you running from cave monsters after stealing a rare jewel, but Corridor Z actually boots up with a cutscene explaining the mysterious viral outbreak that has taken place in the local high school, the game’s setting. Collectible journal entries are scattered throughout the game as well which bring about the story of a character named Jill, though each entry’s attempt at humor will either float your boat or not. I felt they tried too hard at times.

Via Touch Arcade

Reviews via Pocket Gamer:

Implosion Review: A Great Action Game Built for the Touchscreen

The best iOS games are built to work great on a touchscreen device. That’s exactly what Implosion is. It’s a hack-‘n-slash action game that was obviously made from the ground up for the platform. According to Pocket Gamer’s glowing 9 out of 10 review:

It’s a big, brash action game that fits pretty much perfectly in the palm of your hand. And while you’re slashing and blasting your way through its army of mutants and monsters, you won’t be able to stop smiling.

Via Pocket Gamer

Reviews via 148Apps:

Naught Reawakening Review: Grueling but Fun

In Naught Reawakening, you don’t control the main character. Instead, you control the environment by rotating it around the black cat-like main character. It works pretty well, but it isn’t easy. Check out 148Apps’s 4 out of 5 star review.

The world of Naught Reawakening is dark and dangerous, which isn’t surprising given its Limbo-inspired silhouette-based graphics. Enemies patrol the corridors, and even the foliage will give you a nasty shock if you’re not paying attention. Thankfully Naught Reawakening has plenty of checkpoints scattered through each level, though using them requires you to spend “seeds” that you pick up as you play. In other words, there’s no free ride here. You have to scratch and claw for your victories.

Via 148Apps

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays Skatelander

Crossy Road meets skateboarding in this upcoming endless skater. It’s a boxy game of lanes and obstacles as you skate down the road, performing tricks along the way. There’s no denying the Crossy Road resemblance, but there’s a lot more going on here onscreen. Lonnie gives it a test run in the video above.

Via YouTube

Reviews via Pocket Gamer:

Dungeon Hero RPG Review: Retro Mediocrity

If you grew up on old-school first-person dungeon crawlers, you’ll probably want to check out Dungeon Hero RPG, a free-to-play game that brings gaming’s past to its present. It’s a monotonous adventure and the controls could use work, but it has some redeeming qualities. Read Pocket Gamer’s full 6 out of 10 review here.

Dungeon Hero RPG‘s control problems can be surmounted with practice, leaving behind an average but enjoyable dungeon-crawling experience. It’s worth your while if you’ve been wanting to spend time around some creatures that like to hang out in dank corners.

Via Pocket Gamer

News via Touch Arcade:

Out There: Ω Edition Coming Soon as Free Update

As you may or may not know, Out There is my jam. It’s a spaceship roguelike-ish adventure game where you’re trying to get from the middle of outer space back home on limited resources. An enhanced version of the game has just launched on Steam. According to Touch Arcade, the developer is finalizing the mobile version of the Ω upgrade, which will be a free update to owners of the standard version. Brace yourselves, space-farers.

“We’re in the process of finalizing the mobile version,” developer Michaël Peiffert told me over e-mail when asked about the iOS version. “I can’t give you a precise date right now, but we hope it’ll come out in a month or two.”

… The upgraded version of Out There [$3.99] includes 50 new narrative events, new types of solar systems, an extra ending, an expanded soundtrack, and a new coat of high-definition paint.

Via Touch Arcade


Angry Birds Go! Gets Local Multiplayer

Rovio’s kart racer Angry Birds Go! finally received a vital update: Now you can race against pals in the local multiplayer “Party” mode, provided you’re on the same Wi-Fi network.. Race like the wind, birdie!

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Out Now

Out Now: Dungeon Highway Adventures

If you’ve dropped some hours of your life into Substantial’s hit tilt-and-shoot game Dungeon Highway, here’s good news: The quest continues with Dungeon Highway Adventures. There’s new levels, new enemies, new obstacles, new items, and tons of new ways to make yourself explode into gooey chunks. Dungeon Highway Adventures is free to download, and you can also grab it for Android via Google Play.

Out Now

Out Now: League of Angels – Fire Raiders

League of Angels – Fire Raiders is a hyper-colorful RPG that began life as a Facebook title. Now you can take all the dragon-slaying, monster-clubbing, free-to-play goodness on the road thanks to a mobile release. The game is available for iOS as well as Android.

Out Now

Out Now: The Robot Factory

The Robot Factory from Tinybop: Digital Toys is an app that lets you assemble your very own Rosie Jetson (or any other robot) out of myriad parts. The only limit is your imagination, and maybe your crippling fear of a possible robot uprising. There’s tons to do with this fun little app, so don’t miss out. It’s on sale for $2.99 through Friday!

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