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Hitman: Sniper Video Review – Might as Well Hit It

PC Magazine’s video review of Hitman: Sniper describes the game as a good side-distraction for Hitman fans.

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Major Update Heading to Bitcoin Billionaire

A huge update is coming to Bitcoin Billionaire on August 6 that will triple the amount of content in the game. From Touch Arcade:

So, do you remember all that money you invested in time travel in Bitcoin Billionaire? Well it looks like that paid off in a big way, as you’re now the proud owner of a time machine that will whisk you away into the prehistoric era. This new scenario, called Bitstone to the Past, features 25 new investments, 4 new rooms with more than 20 new room items, and new achievements. There’s also a new rare item and re-investment system that applies to both this new scenario and the original one, meaning there are TONS of additional mining opportunities.

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[Sponsored] Mucho Party Update Adds 3 New Games, Goes Free To Try

Many thanks to Mucho Party for sponsoring Slide To Play this week.

Mucho Party is a local multiplayer party game that now includes 40 mini games. Bud don’t fret if it’s a party of one — Mucho Party includes three different AI levels for single play. The mini games includes in each round can be chosen in 6 different ways ensuring lots of variety or allowing the players to pick their favorite mini games.

This latest update also takes the game to free to download allowing players to try before they buy. Five of the 40 games are included for free with the other 35 easily unlocked via one single in-app purchase.

Mucho Update is available now on iOS App Store. The game is also available on Google Play and Amazon App Store.

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Lost Echo is On Sale for $0.99

It’ll normally set you back $2.99, but this story-driven adventure game is currently a buck. From the app’s description:

In the near future Greg’s girlfriend Chloe mysteriously disappears in front of him. He starts a desperate search for her. What happened? Why does no-one else remember her?

In this indie, story driven adventure game you explore fully 3d environments using an intuitive point and click interface. Solve puzzles, explore, play minigames, interact with numerous characters and find out what really happened!

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Champion of the Gods Review: a “Great Value”

If you like your adventure game books to be the digital equivalent of a doorstopper, then Champion of the Gods is for you. It weighs in at over 200,000 words, which is about two or three times as long as a standard beach read. From 148Apps’s 4 out of 5 star review:

While some adventure game books corral you into certain choices or end the story abruptly when you go in a direction it doesn’t like, Champion of the Gods carries on forever more. It lacks a mapping function but that’s mostly because you get the feeling any diagram demonstrating what unfolds would be intimidatingly huge. Mostly every decision involves making one choice from many, and the story arc can change quite dramatically from where you begin.

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News via Pocket Gamer:

Is ‘Angry Birds 2′ Secretly Already Out in Canada Under a Different Name?

It looks like Angry Birds 2 might already be out in a soft launch in Canada under the title Angry Birds Under Pigstruction. From Pocket Gamer:

It’s a poster advertising Angry Birds 2, and makes reference to a chance of “golden duck showers”.

The only references to golden ducks in previous Angry Birds games is a level named after them, and the new Golden Duck spell in Angry Birds Under Pigstruction, which showers the level in, you guessed it, golden ducks.

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‘Mos Speedrun 2′ Gets an Awesome New Trailer

The original Mos Speedrun was one of those nearly perfect games that absolutely nailed exactly what it was going for: creating a super tight platformer that was designed for speedruns. The sequel is coming soon, and this new trailer shows what to expect.

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Braveland On Sale for $0.99

Strategy RPG Braveland is on sale for $0.99 USD, down from $1.99 USD. Grab it — if you’re brave enough.


Star Wars Uprising Video Preview

The Force is at least halfway with the AppSpy crew as they check out the upcoming Star Wars Uprising, which is currently in soft launch.

Previews via Touch Arcade:

Coming From the Creators of Wrassling: Battle Golf

Had enough of tussling in the squared circle? Take it to the golf course. Battle Golf is a competitive golfing game from the creators of Wrassling, and it looks appropriately hilarious.It’ll be out for mobile on July 30.

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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Review

The HD conversion of this classic may not hold up all that well. Sounds like this is a release only if taking a trip down memory lane is the goal.

As a historical piece, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition has some benefits but it’s a harsh reminder that sometimes you’re better off sticking with the memories than going back to them.

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The Ensign Updates, Goes on Sale for $0.99

Surreal and brutally hard RPG The Ensign recently updated with lots of devious content guaranteed to make you hate yourself more than ever. It’s also on sale for $0.99 USD.

What’s New in Version 1.45
– changed the way punch levels work, you’ll hate me for it I promise.
– made the game harder, try not to cry.
– made “refuse food” harder too, but you’ll get an extra surprise at the end if you can complete it.
– added new messages of “encouragement”.
– are those thieves over there?

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Plunder Pirates Updates With New Pirate Hall Levels

Yarr-harr! Plunder Pirates updated with new pirate hall levels. Don’t slip on the poop deck.

What’s New in Version 1.9.3
There’s a brand new pirate hall level in this update, and this one comes armed with deadly cannons! That should keep the enemy at bay!

Update also includes:
Shark Trap – A monument to this nautical menace, complete with snapping jaws
Rehire – Recruit from a fight’s results screen, and head straight into battle again
New Arrivals – Some new pirates have decided to call the exploration map home
Made betterer – Numerous other bug fixes and optimisations (full details at


Farm Heroes Saga Updates With Splendid Stables

Who doesn’t love pretty pretty ponies? Farm Heroes Saga recently updated with the Splendid Stables event, which includes 15 new levels.

What’s New in Version 2.30.21
Neigh! It’s time to gallop to our next episode, Splendid Stables!

There’s no time to horse around, as we have 15 NEW LEVELS for you to complete. Plus! Look out for the Foal, Shetland Pony and Shire Horse on your way. They each have their own special ability to help you progress faster!

Interesting via Touch Arcade:

Weekly Hearthstone Update: The Grand Tournament, Making Money on Mobile

Tons of Hearthstone news this week, all of which has been tied into a neat little package by Touch Arcade. The Grand Tournament is coming, Hearthstone is doing gangbusters on mobile, and lots more.

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Impulse GP Sees 97% Piracy Rate First Week – 99.5% on One Particularly Bad Day

We know that piracy is bad in the App Store. But every time a developer releases stats it feels like another shocking statistic. Impulse GP dev EcoTorque has release stats from their first week for sale. The stats show a 97% piracy rate for the first week with July 22nd, their worst at 99.5% piracy.

Take a look at their post for more depressing details.

News via Gamezebo:

Fallout Shelter Coming to Android, Getting New Content, August 13

If you’ve run out of things to do in your Vault, don’t worry: An update for Fallout Shelter is coming on August 13. The game will hit Android on the same day.

We really liked what Fallout Shelter had to offer, but quickly discovered (like everybody else) that there was only so much to do. Hopefully today’s announcement marks only the first of many more updates to come.

Via Gamezebo

Out Now

Out Now: Burn the Boards

Taking a page out of the very depressing book that is Papers, Please, Burn the Boards is a puzzle / simulation game that follows the dangerous exploits of an e-waste worker.

– Unique puzzle and simulation mechanics
– Insights into the toxic realities of e-Waste
– An abundance of levels
– Awesome pixels and gamedesign by Jamo Games

News via Pocket Gamer:

World of Tanks Blitz 2.0 Update Adds Clan Support

It’s been one of the most requested features for WoT Blitz, and it’s finally coming — clan support! Stay tuned.

Via Pocket Gamer


Out Now: Kingdom Clicker – the latest auto RPG/clicker game

Kingdom Clicker, the latest in the auto RPG / clicker-typer genre was released last week. This one comes with a twist — PvP battles.

In Kingdom Clicker the usual clicking is done to gather coins, which are used to buy buildings and power-ups that auto-generate coins. It’s a well worn mechanic and implemented very well here. The graphics are good, the game plays well. But the interesting new thing here is that once a certain size kingdom is built, players can battle other players to attempt to steal part of their bank.

I’ve been playing this for a few days and find myself drawn back to it a few times per day. My only concern with this game is that same for many, I wish the battle were more intuitive — they are basically just a dice roll. That said, it’s a fun game, well done, and worth a try.

News via Pocket Gamer:

Paper Train: Rush Review – “just another perfectly playable endless runner”

Pocket Gamer takes a look at Paper Train: Rush and is bored with the sameness giving it a 6/10.

But it never goes above or beyond the shape we’ve all become familiar with. It’s solid, it looks good, and everything it tries to do it does with aplomb. But it doesn’t really try to do all that much.

Via Pocket Gamer

News via Pocket Tactics:

Farming Simulator 16 out on mobile this week has nothing on this game. With this update you can farm with a friend on local multiplayer. If farming simulators are your thing, and I can see a certain draw, give this a shot when it comes out on August 6th.

Via Pocket Tactics

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