‘The Trace’ On Sale for $1.99

The super cool murder mystery game The Trace: Murder Mystery Game is currently on sale for half off. It’s usually $3.99, but now it’s $1.99. Go crazy (but not so crazy that you murder someone).


‘Implosion – Never Lose Hope’ On Sale for $4.99

The best action game you’ve probably never played (because it has only ever cost $9.99) is currently on sale for half off. If you’ve been considering buying this awesome game, don’t miss out now.

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WWE SuperCard Updates With Ring Domination Event

The Rock says, “Know your role and update WWE SuperCard for the Domination Event.” Er, something like that.

What’s New in Version 1.0.136816
Welcome to the RING DOMINATION update, which includes a new way to earn cards and power up your deck.

• Ring Domination – New event in which winning against opponents rewards a chance to find pieces of a new card!
• Wrestlemania Fusions – Now you can make devastating Wrestlemania-tier Fusion cards.
• King of the Ring Chat – Chat with other players in the same event.
• Friends List – Access lists of Platform and Facebook friends playing the game
• Bulletin Board Enhancement – Review past bulletins
• Miscellaneous bug fixes

Reviews via Gamezebo:

Tales From the Borderland Episode 3 Review: Continuing Greatness

Telltale’s Tales from the Borderland continues to be great, according to Gamezebo’s review for episode 3.

Overall, Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3 continues the excellent Borderlands-based adventure through new territory. I just wish Telltale Games released them closer together so I could enjoy the cohesive story even more.

Via Gamezebo


Thomas Was Alone On Sale for $1.99

Thomas shouldn’t be alone for much longer, thanks to his sale price of $1.99 USD. This highly distinct platforming game usually costs $4.99 USD.

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Halo: Spartan Strike On Sale for $2.99

Microsoft’s popular twin-stick shooter is on sale for $2.99 USD. It’s usually $5.99 USD. Celebrate the superiority of the human race by making holes in a lot of aliens.

Previews via AppSpy:

Hands-On Video Preview of CivMiner, From the Makers of CivCrafter

AppSpy has a hands-on video preview of CivMiner, another hyper-addictive clicker game from Naquatic, the makers of CivCrafter.

Via AppSpy

Reviews via AppSpy:

LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham Video Review – Solid, but Not Surprising

AppSpy has a video review of LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham. The game allegedly contains the same levels of fun and humor you’d expect from a LEGO game, but the formula is wearing a bit thin.

Via AppSpy

Updates via Pocket Gamer:

Groove Coaster Zero Updates, Becomes Groove Coaster 2

There’s a big update for Taito’s rhythm game, Groove Coaster Zero, now known as Groove Coaster 2. It’s available on Android for the first time, too.

The all-new mission system means you can earn titles for your profile, new player avatars, and power-ups. Thankfully old hands will open up the game to find they’ve already passed many of these missions.

Via Pocket Gamer


Overkill 3 Updates with Multiplayer

Bang bang! You’re dead! So are your friends! Overkill 3 now has a multiplayer mode.

What’s New in Version 1.3.0
>> MULTIPLAYER has arrived! Team up with your friend and dominate the LEADERBOARDS and TOURNAMENTS!

-Get to know other players in the CHAT room.
-Boast your skills with online PROFILE
-Show off your CALLSIGN rewards that you win in TOURNAMENTS
– Win Overkill MEDALS!
-And most of all enjoy the fast paced multiplayer ACTION
-Voiced by no other than the legendary POONMEISTER, long time dominator of the main Overkill 2 leaderboard.

News via Gamesindustry:

Microsoft Wants More Minecraft in the Classroom

Microsoft believes there are lots of benefits to putting Minecraft in classrooms. No doubt schoolkids agree.

“Many of the most fun parts of Minecraft, including the collaborative nature of play, the need to experiment, the open world, the earning of achievements, and the growth of players’ in-game characters as well as their personal skill sets, are also key to excellent learning environments.”

Via Gamesindustry

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Zynga Announces CSR2

The original CSR was an amazing technological feat bringing unbelievable graphics to a mobile platform — but that was three years ago. CSR2 will turn everything up to 11. In a first hand demo at E3 earlier this month I was blown away by the amazing quality. Zynga / Naturalmotion are shooting for beyond console quality — they might get there.

CSR2 will hit soft launch soon, and be launching globally later this year.

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays ‘Arrow’

Arrow is a barebones game of directing an arrow around obstacles. To see if its worth the memory it takes up on your iOS device, check out Lonnie’s gameplay video above.

Via YouTube

Interesting via Gamezebo:

The 6 Best iOS and Android Games of June 2015

The month is all but over, so Gamezebo has taken stock of the mobile game releases and cast judgment. The findings? Here are the 6 best games of the month. Click the full article for details.

  • Fallout Shelter
  • Her Story
  • Hitman Sniper
  • You Must Build a Boat
  • Blades of Brim
  • Nubs’ Adventure

Via Gamezebo

Reviews via 148Apps:

‘Siegefall’ Review: The Formula is Getting Tired

148Apps has reviewed Gameloft’s latest Clash of Clans-alike and has found it mostly enjoyable, but little lacking in fresh ideas. From the 3.5 out of 5 star review:

Building your kingdom is a fairly typical process though, and a lot of the time you’re going to be waiting for timers to complete and cursing the fact that so much depends on resources. Sure it’s satisfying to get stronger and stronger, but the format is feeling a little tired now.

Via 148Apps

Reviews via Pocket Gamer:

‘Dragon Quest VI’ Review: Keep ’em Coming

Turns out Square Enix was serious about bringing the bulk of the Dragon Quest series to mobile. The latest is quite excellent, says Pocket Gamer, in their 8 out of 10 review:

Dragon Quest VI is full of flaws. But it’s also full of charm and appeal. Fans of old-school JRPG’s will already have snapped this up. For the rest of us who might have a passing interest, the charm and appeal are just enough to push you through the grueling grind.

Via Pocket Gamer

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

‘Piloteer’ Review: Up Up and Away

Touch Arcade has reviewed the ragdoll physics game Piloteer and found it to be downright incredible. From their 5 out of 5 star review:

Piloteer [$2.99], the latest “P”-titled game from Fixpoint Productions, seeks to recapture that feeling and shrink it down into a mobile-friendly package. And, I’m happy to report, it pulls it off. It’s absurdly challenging, but incredibly fun once you get the hang of it. Except there’s a good chance you won’t ever fully “get the hang of it”, but don’t worry–that’s actually part of the fun.

Via Touch Arcade

News via Touch Arcade:

‘Zen Pinball’ to Get an Ant Man Table

Ant Man is hitting theaters on July 17, and if early reviews are any indication, it’s supposed to be quite good. To commemorate the big day, Zen Pinball is getting a table dedicated to the diminutive hero. From Touch Arcade:

With a movie that’s based around a guy who can shrink to tiny sizes, Zen Studios has decided to take initiative to do some new things with their pinball engine. And yes, that includes shrunken pinballs, and some new mini-games that Zen promises aren’t like anything you’ve seen from them before. Sounds curious!

Via Touch Arcade


‘I, Gladiator’ is Currently Free

Usually $5, the action game based in ancient times I, Gladiator is currently available for less than a song on the App Store. Grab it quickly, before the price goes back up.

Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Sonic Runners Review: Flat Tire

According to Touch Arcade’s review, Sonic Runners is fun enough, but aggressive panhandling for in-app purchases really puts a damper on the experience.

The core of Sonic Runners is fine. This game could turn around in the future, because the actual gameplay is fun. They just need to pull back on how utterly aggressive and pushy the current monetization is.

Via Touch Arcade

News via Touch Arcade:

Android Version of Fallout Shelter Coming Soon

If you’re an Android user who’s felt a bit left out of Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter party (the most radioactive party in town), cheer up. The game is coming to Android soon.

Plus, we’ve got word that an Android version is indeed in the works. A bunch of Android users were upset that the game didn’t launch on their platform, and they hopefully won’t have long to wait to play this for themselves.

Via Touch Arcade

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