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Minecraft: PE 0.12 Update is Getting Closer

The beta season for Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.12 is seemingly over, which means we should be seeing the update hit the App Store soon.

If you don’t know anything about the 0.12 update, MCPE is about to get a huge overhaul as it’s gradually brought to parity with the PC version.
We’ll get the Nether, Nether portals, Nether fortresses, Sprinting, Sneaking, Hunger, revamped touch controls, potions and brewing stands, enchanting, rain and snow, controller support, cross-play with the Windows 10 edition of the game, and much, much more.

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Reviews via AppSpy:

Lara Croft GO Video Review: Small and Smart

Action / puzzle game Lara Croft GO is out, and according to AppSpy’s review, it’s a winner.

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Apples to Apples Updates With New Cards

Apples to Apples initiated a big update in honor of its 15th anniversary. Hah! How do you like them apples?

What’s New in Version 1.0.6
Hey Apples to Apples fans!

Here’s what’s in our biggest update so far!

– Help us celebrate Apples to Apple’s 15th Appleversary with 200+BRAND NEW CARDS to choose from, which have an exciting new look and includes fun words such as NSFW, Dad Bod and Selfies!
– We heard you loud and clear – the ability to customize your profile is coming in the September update. Stay tuned!
– More bug fixes and tweaks to improve game stability

Out Now

Out Now: The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead and zombies belong together. Like axes, and … zombies. Check out this adventure / RPG.

Brought to you by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead.

Are you ready to take over Woodbury and put an end to The Governor’s tyranny?

Before you stands the perceived safe haven of Woodbury. Little do you know a madman will rise to governing power, pitting people against each other in ways that make you question humanity. A small group of rebels will fight for their lives to break free from the tyranny – will you be brave enough to fight with them?

A thrilling, mature adventure constantly toeing the line between life and the undead, Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the definitive Walking Dead role-playing game experience. Based on an all-new story from award winning Walking Dead writer Jay Bonansinga, the dark aesthetic of this game reflects the uncompromising decisions you will need to make as you fight for survival.


Lost Within On Sale for $5.99

In the mood for something a little dark, mysterious, and grimy today? Lost Within is on sale for $5.99 USD, down from $6.99 USD.

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Divide By Sheep On Sale for $0.99

You can’t divide by zero, but you CAN divide by sheep. Divide by Sheep is on sale for $0.99 USD, down from its usual price tag of $2.99 USD.


Hitman GO On Sale for $0.99

Thinking of joining “The Family?” The price of entry is currently $0.99 USD, down from $4.99 USD. How can you lose?

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Dragon Quest V is On Sale for $9.99

For the first time since its iOS release, Dragon Quest 5 has gone on sale for $9.99, down from $14.99. It’s a game anyone interested in RPGs should play, but don’t take my word for it. From Touch Arcade:

Dragon Quest 5 is regarded by many series fans, including myself, to be the peak of the franchise. It tells a touching story of one person’s life, from childhood all the way through parenthood. It doesn’t just lean on its story, however. The game also introduced monster-catching mechanics, allowing you to fill out your party with the enemies you meet along the way. In most other regards, it’s a fairly typical Dragon Quest game, meaning it’s a whole lot of JRPG comfort food. If you want more information on the game, please check out my review. It’s one of my very favorite RPGs of all-time.

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Out Now

Out Now: Bullet Boy from Kongregate

An incredibly fun adventure across a floating world, where you fire yourself out of powerful cannons!

Meet Bullet Boy, the courageous kid who rushes to escape a deadly tornado, while he tries to collect the missing pieces of some very mysterious, and fascinating statues.

Packed with highly dynamic mechanics. Avoid birds, buildings and weird machines, tap rapidly to dodge fast-moving obstacles, aim precisely to get to the next cannon, or shoot to the sky to elude multiple obstacles altogether, and quickly get to your goal!

Out Now

Out Now: Sage Solitaire from Zach Gage

Zach Gage has a way of making old games refreshing and new again and Zach has done it again. This time with solitaire by mashing it up with poker in Sage Solitaire. It’s a simple game to play, but hard to get a great score on (mine is 1580).

Out Now

Out Now: Breakneck from PikPok games

Breakneck is a departure for PikPok, one I hope to see more of. This futuristic escape racing sim looks great.

– Thrilling action gameplay as you speed through a hostile world, building distance and collecting supplies
– Daily and weekly missions to test your abilities
– Awesome 3D graphics and environments depicting a ravaged post invasion landscape
– Environment resets daily so there are always new paths and challenges to master
– Weekly tournaments and leaderboards so you can compete against other survivors
– Boosts and unlockable ship upgrades to help you tackle ever-evolving challenges
– Phantom ships of last and best daily runs so you can race to beat your best score
– All new original soundtrack by musical artist Kadington

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Out Now

Out Now: Lara Croft Go

Continuing on the success of Hitman Go, Square Enix has released Lara Croft Go. This take on the Lara Croft franchise has the player controlling Lara Croft in a turn-based puzzle game.

• Experience lush visuals and a captivating soundtrack
• Navigate using simple swipe-to-move controls
• Fight menacing enemies, overcome dangerous obstacles and escape deadly traps
• Solve more than 75 puzzles split into 5 chapters
• Collect ancient relics and unlock new outfits for Lara

Out Now

Out Now: Ski Safari 2

Ski Safari takes all that was great about the original and it’s 140 million downloads and amps every thing up. More of everything in a game can sometimes be too much, but Ski Safari 2 gets it just right and doesn’t lose the charm of the original.

News via Touch Arcade:

10 New iOS Games Launching Tonight

Touch Arcade has the rundown on the big games launching tonight on iOS. There’s lots of good-looking stuff across a variety of genres, but not much you might have heard of before. Except Ski Safari 2, which will be excellent if it’s anything like its predecessor. Anyway, click ahead to see what’s coming out at 11 p.m. EST.

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Reviews via 148Apps:

Pac-Man 256 Review: Not Your Daddy’s Pac-Man

Pac-Man 256 was made by Hipster Whale, the Crossy Road folks, but it’s not exactly the game most fans know and love. In fact, it’s a different game altogether, even though it looks similar. From 148Apps’s 3.5 star review:

You’ll spend much of your time with PAC-MAN 256 trying to beat your previous high score an your earlier dot combo, but besides score chasing, there are limited reasons to come back for more. You can’t unlock new characters or areas so the game stays mostly the same no matter what.

While being free, you don’t have to worry about an energy meter with credits only used if you want to activate a power-up, but longevity is going to be the issue for PAC-MAN 256. It’s great fun for a time, but you’ll soon start to wish there was more of an aim to what unfolds here.

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Videos via YouTube:

Happy Wheels is Really Hard, Just Watch This

Happy Wheels is a game where you guide a man on a Segway through demonic obstacle courses. Watch Lonnie give the game a go above. Warning, there’s blood. Lots and lots of blood.

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Reviews via Touch Arcade:

Horizon Chase Review: What’s Old is New Again

Old-school racing doesn’t get much better than Horizon Chase. That comes from Touch Arcade, whose 5-star review blows the roof off the race car (or something to that effect). From the review:

The amount of content in this game is ridiculous. There’s nine or so tracks per country, and an exceptional amount of variety in the courses. The progression barriers are such that you’ll need to go back and do well on earlier tracks in order to advance further. Thankfully, there are rewards for doing well – finishing third in the bonus races earns you a fleet upgrade, and a new car for finishing first. Get a pro medal on each track in a country and you’ll get a new car, too. It could perhaps get a bit tedious over time, but it does keep getting more and more challenging as you play, and hey – the value for what you get is absurd. This could have been a more expensive game and still worth it. There’s no in-app purchases at all, either.

Via Touch Arcade

Reviews via Gamezebo:

Galactic Keep Review: A Galactic Keeper

After years of anticipation, the board game-style RPG Galactic Keep has landed on the App Store. And it’s really good, says Gamezebo, awarding it a stellar 4.5 stars. From the review:

Galactic Keep’s unique visuals might not be for everyone, and its reliance on luck makes for some teeth-gritting moments. That’s just picking space-nits, though. RPG fans of any stripe should make alien-bashing a priority.

Via Gamezebo


Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort is Currently Free

Want a free tropical vacation? Sure you do. Just one catch: This tropical paradise is on your phone. Still, Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort currently costs nothing, whereas it usually costs $2.99 USD. Virtual or not, that’s a good deal.

News via Touch Arcade:

Konami Will Be Pulling Many Of its Games From the App Store

Brace yourselves: A Konami mobile game cull is coming. It might be temporary, but nothing’s set in stone.

While most developers and publishers are pretty good about updating their big releases, it’s inevitable for swaths of games to get pulled after an iOS update causes them to stop working, never to be seen again. If we’re lucky, the publishers let us know ahead of time what’s going to get pulled, so that we can make our peace with the fact that they’re still in our backlogged piles, waiting to be played. Well, the first big pull announcement is here, and it belongs to none other than Konami, who made (and apologized for) statements recently about putting greater support behind mobile.

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News via The Verge:

FBI Gets Involved With Alleged Theft of Machine Zone’s Trade Secrets

Free-to-play is serious business. An employee of Machine Zone, the developers behind the highly successful free mobile title Game of War: Fire Age was arrested for alleged theft of trade secrets.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Jing Zeng, who worked as the firm’s director of global infrastructure, was intercepted by FBI agents as he tried to board a plane to Beijing. A federal criminal complaint alleges that Zeng was trying to make off with information on the behavior of the game’s millions of users, stolen from one of Machine Zone’s internal databases.

Via The Verge

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