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Out Now: Cartel Kings

Cartel Kings is a strategy / shooting game that features a lot of sour criminals who’d be kind of scary if they weren’t so colorful and interesting-looking. It’s free to download.

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Out Now: Til Morning’s Light

Til Morning’s Light is an adventure / puzzle game by WayForward that’s published by Amazon Game Studios. It takes place in a haunted mansion, and it sure is hard to say “no” to exploring big, creepy houses.

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Out Now: Sword of Xolan

Are you having one of those days when all you want to do is ditch work and play an action-intensive 2D sword game that has pixel graphics? Good news: Sword of Xolan has you covered. It’s $0.99 USD, and it’s out now.

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Out Now: Skiing Yeti Mountain

Featherweight Games’ Skiing Yeti Mountain may remind you of the Windows 3.1 classic, Ski Free. That’s OK. It’s supposed to. It’s wild fun and it’s free, so give it a try. Just watch out for a certain hairy mammal that doesn’t take kindly to skiers.


Marvel Future Fight Tops 10 Million Downloads, Gets Small Update

Hulk Smash download records! Netmarble’s action RPG Marvel Future Fight crossed the 10 million download mark, a number that combines both iOS and Android downloads. The game has spent time as #1 on the App Store in Hong Kong.

Marvel Future Fight recently updated to version 1.1.3, which brings some small tweaks and fixes.

– App Icon
– Uniform Package’s deducted price now automatically updates for players who’ve already owned some uniforms.

– Error when app restarts during installation.
– Disabling team leader in Timeline Battle.
– Wrong page title in Timeline Battle’s Team Manage page.
– Inbox button malfunctioning from package purchase pop ups.
– Players’ Facebook profiles and friendlist not showing properly.

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Taichi Panda Updates With Equipment Discovery System, Higher Level Caps

The Way of the Panda lives on in the 1.2.1 update for Taichi Panda. Here’s what’s new:

1.New Equipment “Discovery” system – Discovery requires Lunar Tears and Refinement stones to raise gear quality.
2.Character Max Level raised to 90, with new levels of gear, skills, and runes to match!
3.Add Chapter 13 and 14, along with new levels and bosses!
4.New Mega Boss team mode – be one the legions to try to take down Nemeus!
5.New monthly sign-in rewards and special events added.
6.Auto-attack added to Team Instances.
7.Fully optimized and retouched UI.
8.Fixed known bugs

Updates via Gamezebo:

Crossy Road Update Adds Archie, Jughead, Quests

Riverdale’s favorite redhead is now a Crossy Road character (and so is Riverdale’s favorite, uh, crowned guy). The latest update for the game (1.2.2) includes the teens, as well as quests that let you earn additional coins.

Via Gamezebo

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Out Now: Earthcore from Tequila

Earthcore is a card batter with infinite tactical opportunities that tests your strategic thinking in ways you never thought possible!

Hone your strategy by minimizing randomness with intellect and preparation.

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Huge Midnight Star Update Released

Industrial Toys, the developers behind Midnight Star, one of the most ambitious games on mobile, are good listeners. The 1.5 update for Midnight Star just launched on the App Store and it has addressed many of the concerns players had. It also includes a huge redesign, new guns, gotten rid of weapon energy, and a whole bunch of other great things. Check out the update details below:

[] 3 NEW GUNS AND A SHIELD – the Leveller shotgun, the Crystal Carbine assault rifle and the Vengeance sniper. Plus the Benefactor auto healing shield!
[] WEAPON STYLES – Customize the look of your guns with over 80 new weapon skins and packs!
[] VIDEO replays – post and watch player runs, missions and weapon usage. Check out how players pull off those high scores, fast times and crazy skill shots!
[] UNLIMITED WEAPON ENERGY – all weapons can now be used over and over without having to recharge them!
[] NEW MULTIPLAYER MAP – play challenges and events on Gardens of Time!
[] PLAYER ATTRIBUTES – earn and apply upgrades to yourself as a player to specialize in the way you like to play!
[] ALL-NEW NEWS FEED – Access all the goings-on in M* from a totally redesigned alert system. Connect with friends, enter events and experience the M* story all from one place!

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Out Now: Brickies from Noodlecake

Brickies is a fresh take on the classic breakout game, with fast paced levels that will leave you thirsty for more action.
Use the paddles to launch the ball and unleash a variety of power ups upon the brickies, but don’t worry if you miss the ball!
In Brickies missing a shot doesn’t mean the game is over, it deactivates the ball until you bounce it again and then you’re back in action!

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays Oddwings Escape

In the genre of “not flying into the wall” comes Oddwings Escape, a really nice-looking game about controlling a bird that’s hard to control. Watch Lonnie give it his best in the video above.

Via YouTube

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Reviews via Gamezebo:

Digit & Dash Review: Ratcheting Up the Excitement

From Insomniac Games, the makers of Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive comes Digit & Dash, a mobile game that’s quite fun, according to Gamezebo’s review.

Overall, Digit & Dash is a solid, challenging, reflex-based game that is sure to challenge players of all experience levels. It’s just difficult enough to keep me from blazing through it, but it provides some nice safety nets that catch you not too far from your fall when you fail. And you will fail.

Via Gamezebo

Interesting via Pocket Gamer:

10 Titles that Prove Gaming is a Force for Good

In lots of games these days you basically play as a homicidal mania, pumping bullets into every living thing you see. Yeah, but not all games are like that, you might reply. That’s true. Pocket Gamer has a list of 10 positive games that let you do good in this world.

Via Pocket Gamer

Interesting via Touch Arcade:

Don’t Worry, Everything’s Going to Be OK in Mobile Gaming

Touch Arcade’s Carter Dotson has rung in with his take on the future of mobile gaming. His position: The state of mobile gaming is strong. From his editorial:

Just because you don’t like what free-to-play is right now doesn’t mean you will in a year or two or five from now. Many people who say they hate free-to-play often have that one or two games that they like anyway, like Hearthstone [Free]. I think that more “buts” like that are coming. Remember that free-to-play is still relatively new as a mainstream way of making money off of games.

Via Touch Arcade

Out Now via Touch Arcade:

Out Now: Capitals from Nimblebit

A really great idea and really well done. A multiplayer word game with an air of the game Risk about it. 

Via Touch Arcade


Can Knockdown 3 is On Sale for $0.99

We enjoy a good carnival game, and we enjoyed Can Knockdown 3, a great-looking game that’s currently on sale for $0.99, down from $1.99. Buy it while it’s cheap.

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Out Now: Gameloft Releases Ice Age Themed Match-3, Ice Age Avalanche

Match-3s, everybody’s doing it. Why not another?


Tempo is On Sale for $0.99

Regularly $3.99, the “cinematic action game” Tempo is on sale for a buck. It’s good enough that Pocket Gamer gave it 8 out of 10 in their review, so scoop it up quick if it looks like your type of game.


Death Rally is Currently Free

If there’s one genre that’s not represented well enough in the world of games, it’s combat racers. Thankfully a great one, Death Rally, is currently totally free to download. Grab it now.


Pac-Man Gets Big 35th Anniversary Update

Gaming’s beloved yellow pizza-thing is 35 years old, and to celebrate, Bandai Namco updated the mobile Pac-Man game to add tons of new features.

• New Multiplayer challenges and tournaments
• New Visual Hints and Pro-tips
• New UI and look for 2015
• New mazes for all new challenges
• Play an arcade perfect port of classic PAC-MAN
• Two different control modes
• Three game difficulties (including the original 1980 arcade game)
• Retina display support
• MFi controller support

Interesting via Touch Arcade:

STUGAN Involves Developers, Mentors, and Cabins

What happens when game developers from all over the world cram themselves into a cabin, wherein they’re mentored by industry veterans for two months? We’ll find out soon.

Developers from North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and India are going to be at STUGAN for two months, with winners from the program being selected on August 15th. The Tommy Palm connection in particular is worth keeping an eye on – as someone with a chief role in one of the biggest hits in gaming history, this incubator could be key in forming some great games.

Via Touch Arcade

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