Reviews via 148Apps:

Sorcery! 3 Review: Simply Magical

The third installment of the beloved Sorcery! series has arrived, and it looks like this interactive book is everything fans had hoped. It’s advised that you play/read the previous installments first, because you can import your character from game to game. From 148Apps’s 4 out of 5 star review:

This ensures that Sorcery! 3 feels fresh to both newcomers to the series and to those who loved the books before. It also makes Sorcery! 3 the most well-rounded of the books so far, being challenging yet consistently gripping. As before, you can still cast spells by picking out letters, and the world map is so much more gorgeous than simple text options. It’s more than just a regular interactive fiction game, and so very worthy of your attention.

Via 148Apps

Interesting via VentureBeat:

Garfield Creator Jim Davis on Mobile Games

Garfield has starred in a number of mobile games over the years, including his latest, Garfield: Survival of the Fattest. VentureBeat sat down with the legendary Jim Davis for a chat about the lasagna-loving cat’s history in games. From the interview:

Garfield’s Diner has been incredibly successful for us, with several million downloads. Garfield’s games, mobile game things, have been very successful. Things have gone very well. They’re very well received. Garfield Kart is so successful as a mobile game that it’s actually being developed into a Nintendo 3DS game in various markets around the world. Gamers really respond to Garfield being Garfield, even some of the fantastical types of things that might happen in a game.

Via VentureBeat

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Interesting via Scott Games:

Is a New Five Nights at Freddy’s Game Coming?

When Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 was released, developer Scott Cawthon put an image of the titular Freddy’s hat on his page, signifying, perhaps, that the bear was done. But the hat’s since gone missing from Cawthon’s page, and it’s enough to make people believe a new game might be on the way. Or maybe it’s a promotion for the upcoming movie. We’ll certainly find out in the coming days. Or weeks. Or months.

Via Scott Games

Reviews via Pocket Gamer:

Super Muzzle Flash Review: Flash in the Pan

The unique twist in this game is that it’s played in the dark. The only time you can see what’s in front of you is when you fire your weapon, and your muzzle flash lights up the room. From Pocket Gamer’s 7 out of 10 review:

At its core Super Muzzle Flash is a high-score chaser. Get enough points on one difficulty setting and you’ll move on to the next. There are ranks within the levels as well.

This is a neat, tappy distraction that might take up some space on your homescreen for a while, and sometimes that’s all you want from a mobile game.

Via Pocket Gamer


World of Tanks Blitz Updates With Battle Missions

The 1.8 update for World of Tanks Blitz is a biggie. Players can now access Battle Missions, which are personalized challenges of varying intensity. It’s a good way to earn bonuses and achievements, so if you’re a tank fiend, grab the update. It’s free.

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News via Touch Arcade:

Hearthstone’s Blackwing Lair is Now Available

The latest chunk of Hearthstone content has just been released within the game. It’s called Blackwing Lair, and it boasts new cards, bosses, and class challenges. From Touch Arcade:

The bosses Razorgore, Vaelastraz, Chromaggus, and Lord Victor Nefarius are expecting you, and if you beat them, you get the Legendary Chromaggus. Today’s Wing also includes two Class Challenges, Warlock and Rogue.

Via Touch Arcade


Hey Look! Just A Watch, Our New Apple Watch Site is Live!!

With the launch of Just A Watch, we’re taking the same curation model we use for Slide To Play to the Apple Watch.


The name itself, well we were looking for something unique. Not “Watch News” similar. And remembered the snarky remark made by competitor Pebble when the Apple Watch was announced. Seemed like the perfect name to us.


In reality, the Apple Watch is so very much more than just a watch. Join us and we’ll show you.

Head on over to the site, or connect on Twitter (@JustAWatch), Facebook, or Pinterest.

Interesting via Gamezebo:

Is Another Punch Quest on the Way?

Beloved smashing game Punch Quest may be getting a sequel. However, it’s a big “if” that’s based on a vague tweet from developer Paul “Madgarden” Pridham asking “hypothetically” about a preferred art style for the potential game. That’s far from any kind of confirmation, but there’s nothing wrong with hoping, right?

Via Gamezebo

Reviews via 148Apps:

Wrassling Review: Grappling With Fun

With the hyper-realistic wrestling and UFC games on the App Store, sometimes you just need to settle back with something totally bonkers. Wrassling, a simplistic wrestling title, comes highly recommended by 148Apps.

[Wrassling is] not the sort of game you’ll regularly sit down and play for hours at a time, and that’s okay. Instead it’s a fantastic game for you to enjoy in short bursts, often punctuated by fits of giggling or outright laughter.

Via 148Apps

News via Touch Arcade:

The Nether is Coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Nether is literally Minecraft’s hell, a perilous underworld dimension boiling over with lava and crawling with hazards. And it’s been noticeably absent from Minecraft Pocket Edition. That should change soon: Developer Tommaso Checchi revealed The Nether is incoming. No word on when the territory will be implemented, but hopefully it’ll happen before hell freezes over.

Via Touch Arcade


Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be On Sale for $1.99 for Shakespeare Day

Forsooth (Shakespeare said that, right?)! Ryan North’s hilarious and somehow poignant take on Hamlet is on sale for Shakespeare Day. It’s $1.99 USD, down from its usual price of $5.99 USD – but for one day only. He who hesitates is lost (not sure if Shakespeare said that either).

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Out Now: Mini Racing Adventures

Mini Racing Adventures is a 3D-style side-scrolling racing game full of ups and downs (that’s a good thing when you’re talking about stunt tracks). There’s a wide range of selectable vehicles, and the game is free to download.

Out Now

Out Now: Pixel Wars Arena

Pew pew! Pixel Wars Arena is a retro-style shooting game that recalls the glory days of the arcades. Survive as long as you can through ever-growing waves of foes. You can grab it for $0.99 USD.

Out Now

Out Now: Does Not Commute from Mediocre

I’ve been playing this for a few days, damn is it fun. Very unique and just plain awesome. I hope to see more Puzzle Racing games (??).

A strategic driving game from the award-winning maker’s of Smash Hit. Does not Commute is a temporal paradox in which you have no one to blame but yourself. What starts out as a relaxing commute in a small town of the 1970’s quickly devolves into traffic chaos with hot dog trucks, sports cars, school buses and dozens of other vehicles. You drive them all. Plan ahead. Don’t be late.

In this small town, discover the characters and their secrets – what world-changing experiment is inventive dentist Dr Charles Schneider hiding? Will Mr Baker quit his job in advertising? What is that strange mask on Mrs Griffin’s face? Will Mr Mayfield’s peculiar obsession with Yorkshire Terriers take over his life?

Out Now

Out Now: Sorcery 3 from inkle

The latest and greatest adventure game from inkle is out now.

An epic adventure through a cursed wilderness of monsters, traps and magic. Begin your journey here! (Parts 1 and 2 not required.)

+ Explore everywhere – move freely through the world, any way you want, creating your own unique story
+ New time beacons allow you to alter the world dynamically – travel through the present, or into the past, or mix the two
+ Thousands of choices – all are remembered, and shape your adventure
+ Thirty new enemies, including seven deadly serpents, each with their own strategies – and weaknesses
+ Swindlestones is back! The game of bluff and deceit is back, with new, smarter, opponents
+ New spells to discover and new magic to master
+ Five Gods, all with different quirks and powers
+ Start your adventure here, or load your characters and choices from Part 2
+ New music from “80 Days” composer Laurence Chapman
+ Two new 3D hand-drawn maps to explore by Mike Schley

Out Now

Out Now: Battle Odyssey from Gameloft

• Recruit over 500 fearless Allies belonging to different factions.
• Each Ally has an Elemental Affinity, and some have a unique skill and battle ability.
• Enhance and evolve your Allies to unlock their full power.

• Drag your finger to link like-colored Orbs or spend Action Points to link different-colored Orbs for powerful combos.
• Special Patterns trigger abilities such as healing your allies or delaying an enemy’s attack.
• Unleash each Ally’s ability, from poisoning your enemies to summoning down a rain of fire.

• Real-time Versus Battles with advanced matchmaking.
• Rise to the top of the Leagues for great rewards.

Videos via YouTube:

Lonnie Plays Minions Paradise

The Minions are coming back to theaters on July 10 after a very successful appearance in the 2010 movie Despicable Me. To gear up for the film, EA is coming out with an iOS game called Minions Paradise, which puts the lovable yellow critters in a Clash of Clans type game. Weird. The game is out as a soft launch in New Zealand and is expected to hit the U.S. soon. In the meantime Lonnie has taken the game for a spin, so check out the video above.

Via YouTube

Interesting via Pocket Gamer:

Celebrate Earth Day With These Games

It’s Earth day, so why not play a world-building or earthy-type game on iOS? That’s the clever theme of a feature that went up on Pocket Gamer today. Below is the full rundown of the games highlighted, but you can read the full article here.

  • Minecraft
  • Terraria
  • The Blockheads
  • Junk Jack X
  • The Sandbox
  • Topia World Builder
  • Godus
  • Mountain

Via Pocket Gamer

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News via VentureBeat:

The Full Version of Hakuoki Costs $28

Here’s a price point you don’t see every day on the App Store: $28. That’s the price of the full visual novel Hakuoki, an English localization of a PSP game. Alternately, you can download the game’s first chapter for free and buy each of the 14 additional chapters one at a time for $3 a pop. From VentureBeat:

Meanwhile, these visual novels, which feature anime-style art and branching storylines, are hugely popular in Japan. As an example, Hakuoki is a major series in Japan, with releases on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS and 3DS. It was even adapted for television animation. Generally, titles from the choose your own adventure-style genre rarely make it to Western shores, but when they do, they usually land on handheld game systems such as the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. A mobile release is a rare treat for Western fans.

Via VentureBeat

Updates via Gamezebo:

Star Wars: Force Collection Gets a Contra-Style Mini-Game

File this one under strange yet awesome. The card combat game Star Wars: Force Collection has just been updated to add a mini-game shooter based on Contra but starring everyone’s favorite Wookie, good old Chewbacca. From Gamezebo:

Featuring four levels, taking the player from Endor through an Imperial facility, players will guide Chewbacca and blast away Imperial Stormtroopers throughout the experience. Star Wars: Force Collection players who partake in the mini-game will be rewarded with an exclusive trophy.

Via Gamezebo

News via Touch Arcade:

Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 Get Apple Watch Support

You know what games could use some Apple Watch support? Probably not these, but they’re getting it anyway. Gameloft has updated Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 with some handy dandy wrist support. From Touch Arcade:

You can get notifications, sign up for in-game events, and even change your character. Want to customize your weapons while the thought comes to mind, without loading up the whole game to change it? You can do so from your Apple Watch.

Via Touch Arcade

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