Padvance Report: Windowshop, LIFE, and PBS

It’s been a busy time for iPad developers, as everyone is scrambling to be ready for the big iOS 4.2 drop any day now. Still, that hasn’t kept great iPad apps from making their way into the App Store in the past few weeks. We take a look at some of the most notable ones in this week’s recap.

Marie Claire Fall Fashion A to Z

If you always want to be dressed in the latest fashions, you’re going to need a thick wallet, or at least several dozen credit cards. Marie Claire’s iPad app is certainly not designed for the penny pincher, but if you want to keep up with trends, it could be an essential tool. The app has its quirks, but also enough features to be interesting to its target audience. Read our review.

PBS for iPad

What’s better than watching TV? Watching TV on your iPad anywhere in the world. If you’re tired of cliche sitcoms and are in the mood to be educated or enlightened, PBS has you covered with tons of online content, including some great episodes from their extensive back catalog. Read our first look.

TouchUp for iPad

While we wait for an extensive photo editing offering from Adobe (the company has already hinted that it has an interest) in the form of a real Photoshop app, you’ll do well to clean up your photos with TouchUp. Its range of services is not nearly as extensive as some other iPad apps, but its ease of use and the surprising amount of tools inside is worth a look. Read our review.

LIFE for iPad

Photography may not be an art you appreciate until you’ve seen some really good examples. Let LIFE be that example. In this free app, locating excellent photographs taken around the world is a cinch, and it’s a terrific example of an old medium finding a perfect home on the iPad. Read our first look.

Amazon’s Windowshop

If you thought spending your money couldn’t get any easier, you thought wrong. Amazon’s Windowshop app breathes new life into America’s favorite pasttime– shopping– with a deluxe interface and pretty much every feature you’d expect to find ported from the traditional website. For mobile shopping, this is your best bet, as long as Amazon or one of its partners carries what you’re looking for. Read our review.

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