Padvance Report: Welcome to the Year of iPad 2!

Not that it comes as a big shock to anyone who had been following the rumor mill leading up to this week’s announcement, but Apple’s new baby is here (or at least it will be on the 11th). Of course, we here at Padvance were excited to cover the unveiling this week. In this week’s Padvance Report, we take stock of what we know about the new tablet and examine a few apps designed to make your digital life just a little bit easier.

iPad 2 Sees the Light of Day

Obviously, the big story on every tablet enthusiast’s mind this week was the big unveiling of iPad 2. Held in San Francisco, on March 2, smack dab in the middle of GDC, a robust-looking Steve Jobs took the stage to announce that 2011 is the Year of iPad 2. Check out our liveblog of the event here.

RAM Guessing Game

Apple has previously stayed tight-lipped about the amount of RAM it includes in iDevices, and the iPad 2 is no exception. In absence of a tear-down, we offered some perspective on the technical specs of previous gadgets in service of some speculation about the new toy. Read Grant’s analysis here.

Best Prompter Pro Review

This week, we took a look at a unique app that is designed to serve as a teleprompter as you prepare to deliver a speech. While we lamented some of its technical limitations, we felt that it was fully featured enough to meet the needs of most aspiring Toastmasters. Read our review here.

Random House Joins the iBookstore Fray

Potentially buried under the flurry of excitement of Cupertino’s big announcement was the news that major publisher Random House would adopt an agency pricing model in order to start bringing its titles to the iBookstore. While its full catalog is not yet available for purchase, titles have been appearing steadily since earlier in the week.

Friended for iPad Review

In a crowded field of iOS social networking tools, we were astounded to find that there is still room for growth. Friended is a new iPad Facebook client with a sleek interface, and we think you should check it out. Read our review here.

That brings us to the end of another report. Keep reading Padvance for all the latest app reviews and iOS news, and follow us on Twitter @padvance for game and app code giveaways!

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