Padvance Report: Tryptophan Edition

The Thanksgiving holiday is over, and everyone is still recovering from the massive quantities of turkey consumed (and still being consumed) because of the festivities. So, just in case you’ve been enjoying an extended nap, here’s what been might have missed at Padvance last week.

iOS 4.2 First Look

Apple had plenty of Black Friday and now Cyber Monday deals, but their real holiday gift was the release of iOS 4.2, much awaited by all but especially iPad users. Folders, multitasking, AirPlay, and so much more is now available to you, regardless of which iOS device you use. Read our in-depth first look.

Gameloft Announces Shadow Guardian

Tomb Raider established a genre. Uncharted refined it. Now, Shadow Guardian is poised to successfully bring it to the mobile, touchscreen realm. The trailer has definitely gotten us excited, and we expect the game to launch soon, hopefully by the end of the year. Read our preview.

Get Ready for iOS 4.3

iOS 4.2 has been out just about a week now, but we all know that Apple is already hard at work readying its next release. With recurring subscriptions being prepped for the forthcoming iPad-only newspaper, as well as some other longed-for tweaks to AirPlay and AirPrint, iOS 4.3 is rumored to arrive as soon as the middle of next month. Cross your fingers with us. Read the full story.

Target for iPad Review

Black Friday may be over, but the holiday shopping is just getting underway. Love Target or hate it, the retail giant has released the best app of this kind we’ve yet encountered, bar none. With flashy animations, cool interactivity, and being incredibly easy and fun to use, nothing really comes close to this. Read our review.

Apple TV with AirPlay Review

The new Apple TV re-envisioned Apple’s plans for your TV, offering a lower price point, additional functionality, and taking advantage of new cross-platform features like Home Sharing and AirPlay. With updated firmware and an iPad in hand, we review this little set-top box and give it a run for its money. Read our review.

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