Padvance Report: The Daily, Samsung Galaxy, and Toontastic

With a new iOS release on the horizon and speculation about the iPad 2 reaching fever pitch, the Apple rumor mill went into full effect this week. In this week’s Padvance report, we take a look back at the week that was and look forward to a new dawn for our favorite gadget.

The Galaxy Doesn’t Prove to be a Giant-Killer

Despite being hailed as the first true competition for Cupertino’s wonder tablet, the Samsung Galaxy is not performing as well as its Android overlords would like. In an increasingly crowded field, the iPad has survived its first year as king of the hill.

Alice and Andy in The Wonders of the Universe Review

Alice and Andy is a charming, colorful new entry in the eBooks-for-kids genre that we thought was packed with a fun story, lovely illustrations, and top-notch production values, even if the price was a bit on the steep side. Read our review.

The Daily Sees the Light of Day

After months of speculation, The Daily finally got its day in the sun (and the App Store). At Newscorp’s media event on Wednesday, at which Apple’s Eddy Cue was a featured speaker, Rupert Murdoch himself unveiled the iPad-only newspaper, which sells for $.99/week or $40/year. Our initial impressions were that the app boasts some impressive features and content, even if some v1.0 bugs are also present.

Possible iPad 2 Unveiling Next Week

While this is little more than rumor carried on the wings of a unicorn at this point, word on the street is that we may see a new iteration of the iPad at an Apple media event next week. The company may also be getting ready to foist iOS 4.3 on the masses. Tune in for our coverage in the coming days.

Toontastic Review

If you have kids at home who are budding cartoonists, Launchpad Toys has just the app for you: Toontastic. It’s simple, polished, and the kiddo in our life couldn’t put it down. Read our review.

That brings us to the end of another report. Keep reading Padvance for all the lates app reviews and iOS news, and follow us on Twitter for game and app code giveaways!

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