Padvance Report: The Daily, Agile Messenger, and New iOS Features

As the release of iOS 4.3 approaches, the Apple faithful turn their attention back to their favorite tablet. In this edition of the report, we take a look at a few of the possible new features we’ve covered this week.

AirPlay Expansion on the Horizon

Despite the promise inherent in AirPlay, users have been frustrated by its limited implementation. Now, with the release of iOS 4.3 at hand, Apple seems poised to open its streaming media ecosystem to third party applications.

JFK Historymaker Review

Nearly 50 years after JFK’s death, interest in the late president’s life and work remains strong. As such, we were excited for the release of an app that leverages an impressive array of video, still images, and primary text to give the viewer an inside glimpse into the man’s legacy. Unfortunately, JFK Historymaker doesn’t quite live up to our expectations. Read our review.

Google’s Cloud Printing Service Goes Live

AirPrint is another recent iOS feature that both thrilled users with its potential and, thus far, disappointed with its limitations. With the announcement of the ability to print Google Docs via mobile Safari, Google is poised to make the service a bit more useful. At the moment, this functionality is limited to users with a Windows PC, but Mac support is coming soon.

Agile Messenger HD Pro Review

With Agile Messenger HD Pro, iPad users finally have one instant messaging client to rule them all. We loved its ability to juggle all of our accounts, while also allowing us to send multimedia messages and access Facebook. Read our review.

The Daily Gets an Official Announcement Date

The future of publishing is steadily approaching. After a series of delays and false starts, Newscorp’s iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, will finally be unveiled to the public on Wednesday, February 2nd. Fox boss Rupert Murdoch will be on hand for the digital ribbon cutting, which is expected to herald the beginning of a new subscription model for electronic publications on iOS devices.

And that’s it for this week. Keep reading Padvance for all the iPad news that’s fit to print, and follow us on Twitter at @padvance for game and app code giveaways!

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