Padvance Report: SiteRider XL, CNN, and Flipboard

The onslaught of game releases continued last week, many for the iPad. Nevertheless, there were plenty of other new apps and app updates that kept us busy. We take a look back at the highlights.

SiteRider XL

A browser that lets you do splitscreen viewing, voice control, and tons of other interface tweaks sounds like it could be a winner. In theory, it is. In practice, though, SiteRider XL had enough quirks and problems that it currently fails to live up to our expectations. Read our full review.

Flipboard (Updated)

Flipboard was already a phenomenal piece of software, and it just got a lot better, thanks to RSS integration (finally!), support for Flickr, and lots of new Facebook and Twitter features. If you don’t already have this, download it without haste. Read our updated review.

CNN App for iPad

If you crave video (and who doesn’t, when using an iPad?), then the CNN App could be for you. Although there isn’t really any exclusive content that you can’t pull from their website, the new iPad-only interface looks and works quite well. Read our first look.

Verizon-Enable iPad Forthcoming?

There’s no official word (is there ever with Verizon?), but a new job posting from Apple hints at the distinct possibility that the next iPad may work with Verizon’s networks out of the box. That should sell a few more iPads. Read the story.

Tales of Monkey Island

One of the greatest gaming series of all time got refreshed by Telltale Games, and the first episode has finally been ported to the iPad. How does it hold up when compared to other versions, and should we expect (or want) to see the next episode sometime soon? Read our review.

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