Padvance Report: Sharks, Skype, and Ikea

This week on our tech and tablet news site, we dove into Shark Week by reviewing a new app from Discovery Channel, connected to Skype’s new iPad app, and assembled the 470 MB IKEA catalogue on our iPads. All this, plus links to a week’s worth of news, after the jump.

Ultimate Sharks Review

If you’re celebrating Shark Week in style, you might consider buying Discovery’s companion app, Ultimate Sharks. But just like we wouldn’t advise you to wear mesquite BBQ-flavored suntan lotion while swimming with sharks, you should probably avoid this iPad app, too. The app only covers ten sharks, and the lackluster presentation doesn’t do justice to these ancient, toothy monsters. Read our full review here.

Skype for iPad Now Available

This week also saw the launch of the Skype app for iPad, which lets you communicate directly with anyone else using a Skype app through voice or video chat. You can even use it to call landlines, if you purchase some Skype credits. Will this become an even better alternative to Face Time chat? Read our article here.

Make Room for the New IKEA App

Planning to furnish your apartment with something tasteful, yet cheap? The new IKEA iPad app will download a half-gigabyte catalogue directly onto your iPad, so you can see what the STORNA will look like next to the EKTORP. And unlike a printed catalogue, the app is filled with sound and video. Read our article here.

More Daily News

That’s not all that happened this week in the world of tech and tablet news. New digital magazines like Cosmo for Guys and Editions by AOL launched, and there was buyout news, from Facebook’s purchase of Push Pop Press to rumors of Apple buying map-maker C3 Technologies. Plus, a study came out showing to what extend we’re addicted to apps. You can read all of our daily news on

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