Padvance Report: Puffin Web Browser, Word Processors, and Elton John

Do you own an iPad, and want to make it perform even more magical feats? Or maybe you want to own an iPad, but don’t know if it’s worth the big bucks? On Slide To Play’s sister site, Padvance, we take you through the world of tablet apps and tech news every day. Here are some of the week’s best Padvance stories.

Puffin Web Browser Review

Don’t you hate when you’re surfing the web on your iPad in Safari, and you come across a video, game, or website that you just can’t see? You can step around the whole Apple-Adobe Flash feud with Puffin Web Browser, which loads just about anything Flash. Of course, it’s not very stable, but it’s much better than nothing. Read our review here.

iPad Word Processors For Pros

Sometimes you need more than just a way to jot a quick note. If you’re looking to format your text, include some images or a chart, and then upload your doc to a cloud server, you’re going to want to read our newest Padvance feature. We round up four solid word processors for the iPad, plus a few other suggestions if you’re looking for something simpler or more fully-featured. Read our feature here.

Piano Complete: Elton John’s Greatest Hits vol 1

Now you too can rock like a legend with Piano Complete, featuring the music of Sir Elton John. This universal app (which works better on an iPad, we’ve found) lets you learn to play hits like Tiny Dancer, Bennie and the Jets, and Rocket Man. Both in terms of its artistic and entertainment value, it’s a significant step up from, say, Lady Gaga Revenge. Read our review here.

Even more news

This week, we’re also trying a new format for news. Instead of a full-length article, we’re now featuring news bites that give you the basics. Keep Padvance in your web-browsing rotation, and we’ll keep you in the loop. News about Apple’s big Lion launch, Star Wars special features, Bjork’s new album, and the Batmobile’s onboard iPad can all be found on

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