Padvance Report: Project Fiona, MS Office on the iPad, and iPad 3 Cameras

Tablet computing is set for some major changes in 2012. Redefining what a tablet is, using the cloud to expand tablet capabilities, and drastically improving the photographic capabilities of a tablet are just some of the things in store. This week’s Padvance report touches on all of those topics. Razer’s Project Fiona is a high-powered Windows tablet aimed at hardcore gamers; it grabbed a ton of attention at CES 2012. OnLive is known for streaming games, but is now using its cloud services to bring Microsoft Office to the iPad. Lastly, it looks like the iPad 3’s cameras will be exponentially better than the iPad 2’s. Read on for all the details.

Razer Project Fiona Hands-On Preview

One of the biggest surprises of CES 2012 and one of the show’s most talked about products was Razer’s Project Fiona. This unusual design concept brings high-end gaming capabilities (Intel i7 processor!) to a tablet form factor. Razer claims it can play any Windows gamepad-enabled game out of the box and will cost under $1,000. Check out a hand-on preview of Project Fiona here.

OnLive Desktop Brings Microsoft Office to iPad Via the Cloud

Gamers know OnLive for its streaming videogame service. The company brings Triple-A games to a variety of platforms through the cloud. Now it offers Microsoft Office on the iPad through its OnLive Desktop app. Read more details on how a company that’s known for play is getting serious about work here.

Rumor: iPad 3 Getting Front HD Camera, Rear Camera Same as iPhone 4S

The iPad 2 is an amazing device, but its cameras…well, they kind of suck. Rumor has it that the iPad 3 is going to have greatly improved cameras on its front and back. Find out the latest on how good the iPad 3’s cameras will be here.

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