Padvance Report: Project, Browsers, and djay

The iPad is really hitting its stride now that iOS 4.2 is out. It’s been opening up new avenues for development, and we’re already seeing the benefits in some great new apps. Check out the biggest stories from Padvance last week to stay abreast of all the news!

Project Magazine

Richard Branson of Virgin fame released his latest endeavor, a tablet-only magazine. It’s exclusive to the iPad for now, and while it doesn’t deviate too far from what other digital magazines have done, it’s still a finely crafted and entertaining periodical. Read our first look.

Padvance on Slide to Play’s Podcast

With iOS 4.2, a new Apple TV given new functionality, and plenty of great iPad games out there, I stopped by to chat with the Slide To Play folks for their weekly podcast. It was my first ever podcast, so you can be the judge if I have a voice meant for radio. Listen to the show.

CoBrowser Review

Tethering your iPad to your iPhone is expensive, but at least for web browsing, CoBrowser saves you a bundle of money. It’s not a perfect solution, but it is the only solution that won’t cost you an extra cent. Read our review.

Switch Review

For many, the iPad is a family device. So wouldn’t it be nice if the iPad allowed profiles and multiple logins, helping everyone keep their own web browsing separate? Switch does just that, but is it enough to make you ditch Safari in its favor? Read our review.

djay First Look

Now that third party apps give you access to your locally stored music collection, apps like djay can exist. If you’ve got crazy DJ skills or are interested in taking up the art, djay seems to be a perfect solution, especially if you already own an iPad. Read our first look.

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