Padvance Report: Mobile vs. Console Games, Awesome iPad Mics, and Dolphin HD Review

The Padvance Report returns with a hot debate on mobile games vs. console games, an excellent iPad condenser microphone, and a great alternative to the stock Safari browser on iPad. Watch a longtime Nintendo exec go at it with a CEO of a mobile games company. Learn more about the MXL Tempo microphone. Last, but not least, is a review of the fine Dolphin Browser HD. Let’s roll!

DICE 2012: Mobile vs. Console

Former Nintendo of America exec Perrin Kaplan and Addmired CEO Gabriel Leydon engaged in a vigorous debate at DICE 2012. The topic at hand: console games vs. mobile games. While both sides can certainly learn from the other, the respective business are still very different. Check out arguments on which side has the brighter future here.

MXL Tempo Condenser Microphone for iPad Video Interview

Whether you’re a traveling podcaster or a musician on the go, you should definitely check out the MXL Tempo. This high-quality condenser-microphone works with the iPad through the Camera Connection Kit. Learn and see more about this fine microphone here.

Dolphin Browser HD for iPad Review

Although Safari on iPad does a serviceable job, it lacks many features found in modern desktop browsers. Dolphin Browser HD brings all that to the table and more. Learn more about this fine web browser and find out if it’s right for you here.

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