Padvance Report: Microsoft on iOS, Star Trek, and the New Netflix

Hope everyone had an excellent holiday with lots of family, friends, and food! Before the new year kicks off, here are some hot stories from world of tablet computing in the latest Padvance Report. This edition’s topics include Microsoft’s December onslaught on iOS, Google’s Siri-killer that packs some Star Trek flavor, and the updated Netflix UI for iPad. Let’s get to it!

December’s Most Interesting iOS Publisher is… Microsoft?!?

Microsoft had a killer December on iOS. It released several excellent apps for entertainment and productivity. My Xbox Live, Kinectimals, OneNote, and SkyDrive are just some of the great Microsoft apps that hit the App Store in December. While Microsoft will surely be successful on iOS, it’s possible that being too strong will be detrimental to its phone efforts with Windows Phone and its upcoming tablets efforts with Windows 8. Read the full store here.

Google’s Siri Competitor Has Some Star Trek Flavor

Although Google has long had strong voice capabilities on Android, it never got the attention lavished upon Apple’s Siri. Part of it is simply Apple marketing. Part of it is that Siri offers a truly unique experience that feels natural. Google’s purported Siri-killer is called Majel, named after Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. A lot of you know her as the voice of the Starship Enterprise. Learn more about Majel here.

Netflix Update For iPad Rocks!

Netflix is one of the most popular video-streaming apps on the iPad, but its UI has always been a bit…out of date. All that has changed with the most recent iPad update. The new Netflix, which debuted on the Amazon Kindle Fire, is much better looking and more functional. Check out some original screens and a hands-on report here.

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