Padvance Report: Kindle Fire Review, iPad Holiday Demand, and Best iPad Weather Apps

The Kindle Fire is here! Amazon’s first stab at tablet computing is going to change the tablet world forever and for better. Check out the review for this game-changing tablet, a chilling prediction about iPad demand, the best weather apps for the iPad, and more over at Padvance.

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

It’s a little rough around the edges, but for only $199 the Amazon Kindle Fire offers a relatively powerful and complete tablet-computing experience. Learn about its features and how it stacks up against the might Apple iPad here.

Is Demand For the iPad Going Down?

Most people think that the Apple iPad is going to be one of the hottest and most desirable gifts this holiday season. Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope thinks otherwise. Read why he believes demand for the iPad is going down here.

Top 5 Weather Apps for iPad

There are so many great weather apps available for the iPad. Thankfully, Parisa Vassei is here to show you the best ones. From more details you could ever need to weather predictions with adorable graphics, check out the five best weather apps for iPad here.

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