Padvance Report: iPad Mini Being Tested, Conan vs. Kindle, Dual Shock 3 Support for Sony Tablets

CES 2012 is just around the corner. Before the Padvance crew takes off for some consumer-electronics overload in Las Vegas, check out some of the latest happenings in tablet computing. From the iPad “Mini” to the Amazon Kindle Fire making an appearance on late-night television to Sony’s PlayStation 3 controller heading to tablets, you don’t want to miss this edition of the Padvance Report.

Analyst Says Seven-Inch iPad Being Tested, Not Coming in 2012

A lot of people love the idea of an iPad, but wish Apple’s tablet came in a smaller size. The good news is that Apple is testing a smaller iPad, according to a prominent analyst. The bad news is won’t be coming out in 2012. Read all the mini details here.

Conan O’Brien Makes Fun of the Amazon Kindle Fire

Check out this video of the Amazon Kindle Fire being made fun of on Conan. You know you’re a mainstream success when you’re the butt of a joke on late-night television. It’s a great sketch that makes fun of a lot of problems people have with the Kindle Fire. It’s also, hopefully, the beginning of more Fake Jeff Bezos sketches. Watch the video here.

Sony Adds DualShock 3 Controller Support to Tablet S

Sony’s PlayStation Suite for Android brings classic PSone games to a platform that sorely needs quality gaming. The problem is that a lot of these games aren’t ideal for touch controls, no matter how much they’re optimized. Sony’s solution? Add support for its awesome Dual Shock 3 controller to its Android tablets. Read the deal here.

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