Padvance Report: The iPad in Kindergarten, Will & Kate, and Retro Futurism

In this week’s Padvance Report, we have a retro-futuristic look at the iPad, a royal wedding to tend to, and the latest controversy surrounding the iPad in elementary schools. Missed out on this week’s stories? Catch up today on Padvance!

Prince William and Kate Middleton make it official in Will & Kate

I don’t know if you heard, but a lucky little lady in England became a princess this week. In Will & Kate, kids can read about the real-life fairytale that took place in Great Britain with cute illustrations and interactive elements that will entertain them time and time again. It was hard to miss the media spectacle on TV this week, so if you’re burnt out on all the hubbub, let your iPad read the royal fairytale to your little ones for you.

iPad in Schools — Should Every Kindergartner Have an iPad?

The iPad has the potential to be a revolutionary device when it comes to the classroom — few parents or teachers are debating that — but at what age should we introduce little kids to big technology? With a school district in Maine proposing to give an iPad 2 to every incoming kindergartner, some parents are wondering about the effects of such an expensive experiment. We think any device that gets kids excited about learning is something our education system drastically needs, but could five be too young?

1994 Called: They Want Their Tablet Back

Sometimes a video can say a thousand words. Check out this oddball mockup of “The Tablet” in 1994. Look familiar to anyone?

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