Padvance Report: iPad 2 Availability, Controversy, and Earnings

In this week’s Padvance Report, we have a trio of stories relating to the overwhelming popularity of the iPad 2. Come and catch up on a few of this week’s best stories and more at Padvance!

Apple Reports Record Q2 Earnings

Anybody that’s walked by a Verizon or Apple store in the last couple months probably knows how great the iPad and iPhone have been selling. But did you know their domestic and certain overseas profits jumped up an astounding 90-180+%, respectively? Even though the iPad 2 fell short of sales expectations, it still sold nearly 5 million units in the first month.

iPad 2 Coming to Toys”R”Us — Did You FindOne?

This week couldn’t have been better for those poor folks still waiting in line for an iPad. Apple added another vendor to its short list of retail stores receiving shipments, and a woman finally designed an app that’ll help you search inventory from home and FindOne. Now that’s what I call progress.

The iPad’s Success Worries Jesse Jackson Jr.

And last on our list (but far from least) comes a little rant from Democratic Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. To make a long story short, Rep. Jackson Jr. loves his iPad, but is worried about it killing bookstores and other jobs in print media (not to mention how Steve Jobs outsources manufacturing to China). I’m not sure if he’s factoring in the impact of the internet (or other e-Readers) into his equation, but it’s hard to deny the fact that we need to hold onto U.S. jobs.

That brings us to the end of another report. Keep reading Padvance for all the latest app reviews and iOS news, and follow us on Twitter (@padvance) for game and app code giveaways!

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