Padvance Report: iDisk, Audiogalaxy Mobile, and Autographs

The iPad continues to show that it’s the tablet to beat after another great week of new apps and surprising news. Our friends at Padvance offer a look at what’s been happening in the iPad world since last week.

MobileMe iDisk

MobileMe continues to lag behind the competition, unfortunately. Last week, we took a look at MobileMe Gallery. This week we peek under the hood of the iPad’s version of iDisk. While core functionality is present, it lacks many of the features that third-party cloud storage providers do. Find out what Apple needs to do to get up to speed. Read our review

Audiogalaxy Mobile

As Apple has yet to unveil their long-rumored music streaming service, others have to come in and fill the gap. Thankfully, Audiogalaxy Mobile does just that. It looks great, runs smoothly, and does exactly what it’s supposed to: stream your iTunes library to your iPad, even over 3G. Read our first look.

App Store Expands

Creating the App Store was one of Apple’s best decisions. Although the original iPhone launched without it, looking back, we’re not sure how we survived without it. It’s been a grand success on the iPad, as well, and now Apple is bringing it to Macs, along with a few other iPad-esque touches to the next verison of OS X. Check out the news about the Mac App Store.

Finger Stomp HD

iOS, with its responsiveness and excellent touch input, has given rise to countless intriguing and often useful music creation tools. Some are quite powerful; others, like Finger Stomp HD, are not. Still, there is no denying the inherent creativity in attempting to bring the “Stomp” experience into the palm of your hands. Read our review.

A Presidential Autograph

We’re honestly surprised that we didn’t see this coming. In what might be the first publicized instance of this, someone got the President’s autograph on an iPad. Is this something that might catch on? Read the full story.

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