Padvance Report: Google +, Face Detection, and More

Over on Padvance, Slide To Play’s tech news companion, we’ve been covering the week’s worth of tablet and app news. This week, we checked out the Google+ app and compare it to Facebook’s app. We also look ahead to iOS 5’s face detection technology, plus a whole lot more.

Face Detection Headed To iOS 5

Ever since Apple picked up facial-recognition technology company Polar Rose, there’s been buzz that future iPhones and iPads will be able to recognize you through the camera. Now with iOS 5 on the way, those APIs are already in developers’ hands. There’s even a gaming angle here, too: The game Two Worlds II: Castle Defense currently uses eyetracking to simulate glasses-free 3D. Read the full story here.

Google+ App First Impressions

Google+ has been getting some good “buzz” as it rides a “wave” of high hopes as an alternative to Facebook. This week, we checked out the Google+ app (sadly, it’s only optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch for now) and found that it’s got a few distinct advantages over Facebook. For us, the fact that you can limit who you share content with is a big deal. Read the full article here.

Even More Daily News

This week, Padvance also briefly touched on a number of interesting tech and business stories. NASA released an iPad app, some joker brought a live goat to the Apple Store, a secret iPad version of the Facebook app was discovered and then blocked, and the iPad 3 rumors kept growing. You can read all of our daily news briefs on

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