Padvance Report: Google Books, A Christmas Carol, and OnLive

Software releases usually slow down as the holiday season approaches, but the App Store is breaking from tradition. On top of a slew of excellent game releases last week, there were also some notable non-gaming apps that are equally worthy of your time and attention. We take a look back at some of the highlights.

Google Books

Just in case you hadn’t yet committed to a favorite eBook store (iBooks, Kindle, Nook, and the like), Google is giving you yet another alternative. Early reviews are mixed, and it is missing some features from found in other name-brand eReaders, but its selection of free books is pretty astounding. Read our first look.

A Christmas Carol for iPad

From the makers of the excellent Dracula interactive book for iPad comes another classic tale retold. This one didn’t impress us quite as much, but it did reduce the memory footprint, making this a more likely download for those who are tight on space. Read our review.


This is not a universal app (it’s designed for iPhone and iPod Touch), but you can stretch to 2x and still get the same benefits of this telephony app. Allowing VOIP calls using Google Voice, the app essentially allows you to turn your iPad into a gigantic phone (for free). Silly, yes, but it is a great app, nonetheless. Read our first look.

TuneIn Radio

There are many thousands of radio stations riding the waves out there, far more than you have time to listen to. TuneIn Radio solves that dilemma by lettings you access archived episodes of your favorite shows, record live radio, and even rewind if you want to listen to something again. There’s tons of functionality for a small price, and it has a great interface to boot. Read our review.

OnLive Viewer

If you can’t join ’em, at least you can watch ’em. While OnLive’s service is not ready for prime time on the iPad just yet, their Viewer app at least gives you a taste of what it’s like. Although it’s a bandwidth hog and needs some refinement, watching others play games is still undeniably cool. Read our review.

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