Padvance Report: Creating Games on the iPad, The Wrath of Jobs, and iPad 3 Delays

Hop into the exciting world of tablet computing over at Padvance! Did you know that Steve Jobs created the iPad because a Microsoft executive pissed him off? It’s true! There’s also a rumor that the iPad 3 is facing delays because of manufacturing issues with Retina Display tablet screens. Last, but not least, find out how you can code and create games right on your iPad.

Steve Jobs Created the iPad Because Microsoft Pissed Him Off?

One of the most interesting revelations in Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs is that the Apple iPad was created out of spite. According to Jobs, a certain Microsoft executive kept bragging about an upcoming Microsoft tablet. Jobs got tired of hearing about it and went onto create the iPad. Read the full story here.

Apple Struggling with iPad 3 Retina Display?

The iPad 3 is strongly rumored to feature twice the resolution of the current iPad. The next screen will carry the “Retina Display” moniker. Creating a high-resolution screen that small appears to be a challenge for Apple’s manufacturing partners at LG and Samsung. Read more about the possible delay here.

Create Apps and Games on Your iPad with Codify

Ever wish you could create and code games right on your iPad? Now you can, thanks to Codify. Learn more about this unique visual programming tool for iPad here.

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