Padvance Report: Best Music Apps, iPad vs. Kindle, and Awesome Infographics

Loads of awesome things happening at Padvance. If you’re a musician — aspiring, professional, amateur, or otherwise — then you’ll want to read Padvance’s feature on five of the best music apps for iPad. The Amazon Kindle Fire is set to heat up the tablet market and experts think that Apple should be concerned. Apple definitely should be worried, but not for the reasons you might think. Lastly, The Pew Research certain posted all sorts of stats on what people are doing with their tablet PCs. Check it out!

Five Fantastic Music Apps for the iPad

Although most people use their iPads for content consumption, it’s actually a fantastic device for content creation — especially music. Padvance’s Devin Wilson writes about five of the best music-creation apps for iPad. He even includes sample compositions so that you can hear what each app can do. Read, listen, and learn here.

Should Apple be Worried About the Amazon Kindle Fire?

Many bloggers, pundits, and tech enthusiasts view the Amazon Kindle Fire as direct competition for the iPad. While there’s certainly some overlap, for the most part the iPad and Fire are going after different customers. As far as hardware sales go, Apple doesn’t have much to worry about. In terms of the iTunes ecosystem, Apple definitely should be concerned about Amazon using the Fire and future Android devices to sell digital goods. Amazon stands to take away a ton of music, TV show, book, etc. business from Apple. Read all the details and analysis here.

Pew Research Center Study Illustrates Tablet PC Use

“Eleven percent of adults now own a tablet computer. About half get news on it everyday, and three in ten spend more time consuming news than they did before.” That’s just some of the fascinating data revealed in a study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism in collaboration with The Economist Group. Check out the this outstanding infographic here.

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