Padvance Report: Apple A5 in America, Top Apps for Freelance Writers, and Occupy Apple?

Whether you’re reading this at the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012, everyone at Padvance hopes you have an excellent New Year! Now let’s move onto to some hot news in the world of tablet computing. This week’s stories include a huge change in Apple A5 processor manufacturing, the best iPad apps for freelance writers, and a former San Francisco mayor calling for citizens to occupy Apple instead of government buildings.

Apple A5 Processor Now Being Made in America

Although every iPad and iPhone proudly boasts being “designed by Apple in California”, most of their parts come from various plants in Asia and they’re all assembled in China. In a huge change, Samsung has opened a manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas. The plant will be cranking out A5 processors for use in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. To learn more about Samsung’s new plant and what it means for Apple, head here.

Former San Francisco Mayor Says People Should Occupy Apple, Not Oakland

Former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown believes that people participating in the Occupy Oakland movement are going about things wrong. Instead of protesting in front of government buildings, Brown believes that citizens should protest Silicon Valley companies, including Apple. Find out why Brown believes it should be Occupy Apple instead of Occupy Oakland here.

Top iPad Apps for Freelance Writers

Freelance writers and independent contractors have unique needs. In addition to writing, they have to manage their own finances, do their own research, and organize their lives more than most people because they’re their own boss. The iPad boasts fantastic apps that make all of the aforementioned tasks easy. For the best iPad apps for freelancers, head here.

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