Padvance Report: App Store Subscriptions, Drawing Pad, and Opera Mini

Well, folks, the mounting rumors of the past couple of weeks may have been, at least for a time, simply sound and fury, signifying nothing. One significant announcement aside, this has been a relatively quiet week for the plucky iPad, but Padvance has still been on the case. In this week’s report, we take a look back at Apple’s recently announced App Store subscription model and a look forward at some exciting apps on the horizon.

App Store Subscriptions Are Live

Of course, the big iOS news this week was subscription content on the App Store. Readers have long clamored to be able to subscribe to their favorite publications electronically, at prices comparable to those of their print counterparts. Apple has finally made the dream a reality, but at a controversial cost: subscriptions must be peddled via IAP, and Cupertino gets a 30% cut. Read our coverage of the matter here.

Free Trial of The Daily is Extended

In light of some misgivings we had at the end of our first week with Newscorp’s much-touted e-newspaper, The Daily, we were pleased to see this week that its free trial period has been extended at least until the end of the month. Hopefully, that will give the powers that be time to iron out some of the kinks we observed.

Opera Mini is iPad-bound

The Opera browser’s devoted niche following is poised to gain some new adherents. The developers announced this week that the app, whose iPhone iteration is already popular, is headed tablet-side in the near future. Check out our coverage here.

Drawing Pad Review

This week, we took a look at Drawing Pad, a fun, whimsical entry in the iPad art-creation genre. We loved its kid-friendliness, great design, and sheer number of art tools. Read our review here.

Dark Prophecy First Look

Interactive iPad eBooks, such as Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition and A Christmas Carol have set the standard for the immersive tablet reading experience. Taking the genre to the next level, though, is the Dark Prophecy, which includes the standard interactive elements, as well as its iPad-exclusive film, embedded in the app.

That brings us to the end of another report. Keep reading Padvance for all the latest app reviews and iOS news, and follow us on Twitter @padvance for game and app code giveaways!

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