Padvance iPad Case Contest: And the Winners Are…

After several hours of hard judging–including multiple fistfights, an extended filibuster, and some choice schoolyard name-calling–we’ve got our winners for Padvance’s iPad Case Design Contest! Inquire within to see which entry won the Grand Prize of a new iPad!

Before we get too far into this, we’d first like to thank everyone who came up with an original design. Selecting winners was by no means easy, and we would give you ALL iPads if we could. Sadly, we write about iPads instead of manufacturing them, so that kind of thing is a bit out of our price range. In any case, we hope you all had fun with the contest, and we promise to hold many more in the future.

Now, without any further ado, we present our Grand Prize Winner: @Ziotoo4 for the Incredible Steampunk iCase!

What an ingenious contraption!

Sure, it may weigh 160 lbs and run on propane, but we cannot imagine a more awesome (or needlessly ornate) receptacle for our iPad… provided we don’t lose a finger to one of those steam pistons. The old-timey snake oil advertising copy really sold us, too; the included QT video displaying the slide-to-open mechanism is just icing on the cake. We will be shipping you a Magical Product forthwith, sir. Jolly good show!

@Ziotoo4 had some stiff competition from our two Runners-Up, starting with the iPad App Skin by @Zer0144. This thing is just fun to look at.

Ow, my brain.

The other Runner-Up prize goes to @gardaud for making us fall out of our chairs with mirth. The iPad Steve Case is a great use of $999.00 a day, particularly if it can come up with three or four more trillion-dollar product ideas.

He’ll probably be donating his fee to charity.

Another round of applause for our Runners-Up, who will be sent $20 iTunes Gift Certificates!

And, finally, the following Padvance Twitter Followers win $10 iTunes Gift Certificates, just for the heck of it: @skylarrxoxo, @jeandenishaas, @the_davey, @raddevon, and @peiAtSight. All prize winners will be notified by DM on Twitter shortly.

Thanks once again, everyone, for participating, and stay tuned for more great content and contests on!

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