Out There

Universal Game Center Rating: 4+

Out There is a game from Mi-Clos Studio, originally released 27th February, 2014


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Out There is something special.

Out There is a game about resource management. You start with a ship equipped with a handful of tools, plus a small stockpile of fuel, oxygen, and hull metal. As you hop from system to system, you can probe and drill planets to collect more resources.

If you’ve seen Gravity, Alien, Apollo 13, or any other movie set in space, then you know that a lot can go wrong. In that airless, uninhabitable environment, humans rely on tools to keep them alive. In Out There, you play as an astronaut who’s alone on a ship, far from home, and wants to get back safely. To put it bluntly, a lot goes wrong.


Of course, flying through space depletes your fuel and oxygen, and your tools need to be maintained. Keeping your resources up provides the groundwork of the game, but a lot of variables get into the mix as well. As you travel, you’ll encounter black holes, meet strange creatures, learn their words, and experience ship failures that range from minor to catastrophic.

Oftentimes you’ll have to react to a situation based on incomplete knowledge. Make the right choice, and you’ll move on. Make the wrong choice, and you might die. This makes these decisions meaningful, but the consequences can also feel disheartening if you’re not willing to invest a good deal of time and mental energy in the game.

But I found the Out There utterly engrossing. It’s not an easy game, and luck isn’t always on your side. Nor is it flashy; most of the action takes place in text boxes and resource menus. But if you meet the game halfway, you’ll probably forget you ever wanted to play flashy, action-packed games, at least for a while. Out There is something special.

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Updates via Touch Arcade:

‘Out There: Ω Edition’ Update Now Live

The excellent, brutal spacefaring roguelike-ish game Out There just got a big update that you’re gonna want to check out. From Touch Arcade:

In July of last year we learned that Mi Clos Studios’ excellent (and punishing!) roguelike/gamebook/strategy/space adventure Out There [$3.99] would be getting a huge expansion dubbed the Omega Edition which revamped much of the artwork and added lots of new features to the game. Us mobile gamers had to watch in anguish as our desktop gaming counterparts received the Omega Edition of Out There back in April. However, that anguish ends today as just moments ago the iOS version has received theOmega Edition update as well.

Via Touch Arcade

News via Touch Arcade:

Out There: Ω Edition Coming Soon as Free Update

As you may or may not know, Out There is my jam. It’s a spaceship roguelike-ish adventure game where you’re trying to get from the middle of outer space back home on limited resources. An enhanced version of the game has just launched on Steam. According to Touch Arcade, the developer is finalizing the mobile version of the Ω upgrade, which will be a free update to owners of the standard version. Brace yourselves, space-farers.

“We’re in the process of finalizing the mobile version,” developer Michaël Peiffert told me over e-mail when asked about the iOS version. “I can’t give you a precise date right now, but we hope it’ll come out in a month or two.”

… The upgraded version of Out There [$3.99] includes 50 new narrative events, new types of solar systems, an extra ending, an expanded soundtrack, and a new coat of high-definition paint.

Via Touch Arcade