Out of This World Coming To iPhone

Between our myriad meetings at GDC (more previews are coming soon), a happy email crossed our inbox: Bulkypix and DotEmu are bringing the cult classic game Out of This World (or Another World, as it’s known in some countries) to the iPhone later this year.

In Out of This World, you play as a red-headed scientist who teleports himself to another planet. You immediately face dangers like underwater tentacles, poisonous slugs, and huge snarling beasts. All that is before you’re captured by large, humanoid aliens, and have to escape with the help of one of them.

Out of This World had, at the time, extremely sophisticated rotoscoped graphics that mimicked real life. Your character animated smoothly, and the graphics were both abstract and detailed. Plus, we remember the laser-gun battles as being incredibly intense.

A release date hasn’t been revealed, except “later this year”. We’ll keep you posted on anything new we learn about this iPhone re-release.

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