Our iPhone OS 4.0 Wishlist

Anyone who has used an electronic device regularly can come up with a litany of tweaks, updates, and improvements they would like to see implemented. As much as we love our iPhones and iPod Touches, we don’t think they’ve reached a state of ultimate perfection yet. And since rumor has it that iPhone OS 4.0 might very well be announced at Wednesday’s event, we thought we’d chime in with some features we’d like to see included.


If you’ve ever used a Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, or a regular computer for that matter, then you’re familiar with the convenience of being able to have more than one program open at once. Wouldn’t it be great if you could chat on AIM between rounds of Doodle Jump? Or read and respond to an e-mail while running drugs in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars? We know the iPhone is powerful enough, so why doesn’t Apple let us do it?

Wireless Synching

We use wireless phones, mice, and routers every day to transmit gigabytes of data. Meanwhile, if we subscribe to a podcast, or download a song, video, or app on our computers, we have to plug our iDevice in to sync our libraries. Why? Google contacts and e-mails sync wirelessly, so with the devices’ built-in Bluetooth and wifi functionality, why are we tethered to our computers at all?


We hate complex folder paths a million layers deep as much as the next person. But with all the excellent, affordable downloads on the App Store, our devices are bulging with screen after screen of colorful icons. It makes browsing a drag and gives our fingers a cramp just thinking about it. And since OS 3.0 only allows for 11 screens’ worth of apps, we run out of screen space before we max out the hard drive. But if we could, say, put all of our puzzle games in one folder and RPGs in another, we’d be able to get to them even quicker. Easier navigation means more convenience. Isn’t that what Apple is all about?

Ability to Delete First-Party Apps

Adding to the clutter of our app pages is the suite of first-party apps that can’t be deleted. If iPod Touches don’t have microphones, then why does Apple make users keep the Voice Memos app around? If we have no interst in the stock market, why does a Stocks icon have to take up space on our screen? Apple, we love you and we support your products, but don’t stiff-arm us into keeping apps we don’t want.

Keep Saves upon Deletion

Have you ever gotten tired of a game and deleted it, only to reinstall it later when you heard about some amazing update the developers released? If so, you’ve probably noticed that your save file is gone. Lots of computer software allows you to hang on to save files when you delete the parent program, so why isn’t it possible on the iPhone?

Leave a comment with what features you’d like to see in OS 4.0, and check back Wednesday for our live coverage of Apple’s press event to see if any of these improvements come to pass.

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