OrangePixel Announces Stardash

OrangePixel, the developer behind the NES-style platformer Meganoid, has announced that their next game has been submitted to the App Store. It’s a platformer called Stardash, and it was made in the 8-bit style of the original Game Boy.

Stardash comes with three worlds, with nine levels in each world. Anyone familiar with standard platformer games from the Game Boy era should feel right at home here, as the developer has said on his website that he tried to make “the level design, enemy designs and all other gameplay elements… as classic as possible.”

But since this is also a modern iOS game, you’ll find elements from this generation of games as well. For instance, you’ll be granted stars for completing levels within certain time limits and for collecting every coin. You can also unlock special “temple levels” by finding the keys in each level of a world.

From the look and sound of it, Stardash has the potential to be a stand-out retro-style platformer, particularly if you grew up staring at the tiny green-and-black screen of a Game Boy. Stardash is set to release sometime this week.

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