Opinion: The Best Games We Didn’t Review Last Year

February will mark a year of me writing for Slide To Play. During that time, I’ve had a blast reviewing games. While we can’t review everything, if I could jump in the Wayback Machine, there are a few great games that came out in 2012 that I would have loved to have taken a crack at. Here’s my personal list of the best games that didn’t get reviewed.

Clash Force

As much as I enjoyed Star Marine: Infinite Ammo, there was another game in 2012 that captured that good ole Contra feeling for me, and that was Clash Force from Spicy Gyro Games. Taking its cues from old-school platformers like Mega Man, Clash Force lets you play as a group of monsters trying to stop evil from taking over the world. It has awesome level design, ridiculous boss fights, great action, and a silly sense of humor.

Bottom line: Clash Force is a ton of fun, tough as nails and plays great. Everyone in the mood for some awesome retro platforming fun should check it out.

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I grew up during the NES years, and one of the games I played over and over again was Metroid. Since the App Store launched, I’ve been hoping for something to fill that “Metroidvania” bug (I still own all of the original Castlevania games, too.) Astronot mixes Metroid with Atari-style graphics and music to provide a gaming experience that’s a lot like the first time I took Samus to Zebes. The game map is huge, making Astronot a slow, methodical, and sometimes terrifying retro trip.

Bottom line: It’s not perfect and the ugly graphics may not appeal to everyone, but Astronot is the closest I’ve seen on iOS to capture that Metroid feeling.

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Commando Jack

I don’t normally enjoy tower defense games, so it’s a pleasant surprise when I find one to be kind of great. Commando Jack is just such a game. The usual tower defense tropes are all there, but Commando Jack mixes it up by allowing you to get knee-deep in the action with a first-person view via a gun turret you can take control of at any point during the game. Throw in some awesome cartoonish graphics and goofy alien enemies, and Commando Jack is a game that I thoroughly enjoy. It also recently received a huge update, which made me want to revisit the fun all over again.

Bottom line: Commando Jack is a really tough game and can get frustrating at times, but it’s one I keep coming back to.

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Unstoppable Gorg

Yep, it’s another tower defense game, but Unstoppable Gorg is a heck of a lot of fun. It features a delightfully cheesy B-movie sci-fi storyline told through awesome black and white cutscenes. Plus, the gameplay is pretty great. You have to set up satellites to orbit and protect your floating space station from aliens attacking you from all sides. The really unique part here is that you can move your units around the screen wherever you want to protect yourself.

Bottom line: Unstoppable Gorg is exciting and intense. The ever-changing battles keep me constantly engaged and the hysterical plot keeps me laughing. What more could you ask for?

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Wimp: Who Stole my Pants?

I avoided this one for a while, chiefly because the concept seemed just so stupid to me. I mean, the idea of a sentient blob looking for his lost underwear while collecting rolls of toilet-paper and then flushing himself down a pipe is, well, ridiculous. I’m glad I gave it another shot, because Wimp is one of the best platformers I’ve played for iOS. The graphics are stunning, the level design is fantastic, and the gameplay is amazing. Each world changes Wimp’s powers (sometimes he’s sticky, on fire, or teleporting) and helping Wimp find his mysterious undies is a lot more fun than me trying to find mine before I go to work.

Bottom line: If you like platformers, then check out Wimp. It’s slightly gross, but in a cute way.

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Editor’s note: Just because Slide To Play hasn’t reviewed a game yet, doesn’t mean we never will. Also, the fact that we haven’t reviewed a game isn’t necessarily a reflection on the game’s quality. We always try to review as many great games as we can. We feel that reviewing a game correctly requires proper time, money, and effort. And while the number of games in the App Store seems limitless, our site’s resources are not.

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