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OpenFeint to Release iPhone App, Website

In a move to further assert their dominance over the iPhone social network scene, OpenFeint has revealed that they are planning to release a standalone App that will allow users to access all of the functionality of their service, but without having to open a game that uses it.

In a Twitter conversation with GameZebo, OpenFeint was asked if there was any possibility of a future App or website that would let players access their OpenFeint account without having to log into a network-enabled game.

“Independent app short term, website longer term,” OpenFeint stated, “but in both cases we’ll definitely have it!”

This move could be one of the defining characteristics that helps OpenFeint distinguish itself from all the myriad of other iPhone gaming networks. A press release confirming this information is said to be in the works, and ready for release soon. We have contacted OpenFeint for an official confirmation and will update this story when we hear from them.

[From GameZebo]

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