OnLive Heading to iPhone, Claims Perlman

Never a format to duck controversy, it would appear the iPhone is now in line to join the ‘cloud-gaming’ revolution, as contentious on-demand gaming service OnLive has been confirmed for release on Apple’s iDevices at some point in the future.

The service, which lets consumers play games that are essentially streamed via the internet rather than downloaded to their PCs – bypassing any need for hardware upgrades – has drawn much criticism from skeptics, many of whom claim that it simply won’t work. Nevertheless, OnLive’s founders have forged on and announced via their blog that an iPhone version is in the works.

‘Today, at a Wedbush financial conference in New York I showed OnLive running simultaneously on 2 iPhones, a TV, and a computer,’ OnLive CEO and founder Steve Perlman states. ‘What is really cool is that all 4 devices had access to the full OnLive Game Service, so they could play the same games, spectate on each other’s game play, watch Brag Clips, check out Gamer Profiles, etc.

‘While we only showed a tech demo today, it was great to give people in the audience a chance to try out OnLive on an iPhone. The large tiles that make up the OnLive user interface work perfectly on the iPhone touch screen, allowing easy access to all of the features of the OnLive game service.’

Just what will be included on any iPhone version still appears to be up in the air, but Perlman has stated that it won’t be pitched at entirely the same audience as the PC version, admitting that ‘it’s the Community and Social elements of OnLive that we’re most excited about on mobile devices.’

‘It’s amazingly cool whipping out your phone, checking out what your OnLive friends are up to, and then spectating their live game play,’ Perlman concludes. Not as cool as actually playing games on your phone though, Steve.

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