One Epic Knight

One Epic Knight is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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One Epic Knight Review

Tiny Heroes was an excellent release from the dev that brought us geoDefense, and One Epic Knight sees fit to follow in its footsteps, adapting characters and ideas from the game and turning it into a completely different monster: an endless runner that incorporates slick combat, item usage, and other tweaks that put an interesting twist on the same old formula we’re all used to.

As you hop into the armor of this cute little knight, you’ll careen down the seemingly never-ending winding corridors of a random dungeon, kicking butt while also taking names and hoarding treasure– that’s what knights do, after all, when they’re not busy with damsels in distress. The dungeons are lousy with orcs, gems, and weapons you may collect to fell the foul beasts who stand in your way to victory.

Welcome to the Land of Plenty.

Swords and shields may be collected and stockpiled for strategic use of multipliers. Swords obviously go a long way when it comes to busting orc tail, and shields aid players in crashing through obstacles– but you’ll not raise your multiplier efficiently in this way. In One Epic Knight, players will find it prudent to save offensive and defensive items for us at different times according to which priorities top their list: raising their score higher or keeping the run going to break previous records. It’s more to think about than the genre typically trusts you with, and adds a higher level of skill than is normally seen across the board.

Controlling your knight is done by changing between “lanes” on-screen: think the familiar Sonic lane changes seen in Sonic Generations– each pathway packs different items, so switching out will net you bigger scores. You need to swipe on-screen to change between the lanes, however, instead of tilting your device to do so. While this prevents unnecessary mishaps, it’s also a needlessly slower method than tilting, especially once the game starts running at higher speeds. Perhaps an option between the two in the future could alleviate this problem and tailor to different play styles.

Swing and a miss.

One Epic Knight mixes a cartoony aesthetic with newer-school 3D rendering to create a fun, silly atmosphere that meshes well with the game’s goofy protagonist. Tiny Heroes thrived on this same look and Epic Knight capitalizes on it further. Some giggle-worthy one-liners and quirky personality traits go the extra mile to make the game memorable as well.

There’s plenty to do and many reasons to keep coming back even after you’ve blazed through the challenges available for you. This is an inventive and exciting endless runner that does its part to keep the genre evolving, while doing what it does best. We’re in for an pretty epic night, and think you should be as well.

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