Omium - 2 Player Shooter

Omium - 2 Player Shooter is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Omium iPad Review

Omium has an interesting concept for a multiplayer game. One player controls a turret-equipped ship that must stay alive for as long as possible by destroying block-shaped enemies created by the other player. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough here to keep it entertaining for long.

While the concept is fairly original, it has some major oversights. The most apparent of these is that the game doesn’t keep track of previous scores. Since the player controlling the ship always loses, the real challenge is staying alive for as long as possible. And since the game doesn’t keep track of scores, you’ll have to write it down if you want to switch places with your opponent and see who can survive longest.

It’s the smoke monster!

Three modes are available in Omium. Dodge is all about keeping out of the way of whatever the other player throws at you. Juggle ups the ante by also making the bottom of the screen deadly. Finally, Infinite makes any enemy that goes off the bottom of the screen show up again on top.

If these sound fun to you and you like to game with friends, there is a good chance you’ll get your money’s worth out of Omium. This said, while Omium was made to be played with others, we’d love a single-player mode.

Omium needs a bit more work before we can fully recommend it. But if you can overlook its shortcomings, you’ll find that there’s a fun core idea here.

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