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Offroad Legends is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Offroad Legends Review

The App Store has a lot of games that feature RAD TRUXX bouncing along uneven terrain and flying off ramps. There’s a reason for that. Lean closer so we can whisper the reason in your ear. Closer. OK. Ready? It’s because these games are fun. That’s why Offroad Legends from Dogbyte Games draws you in, even though it doesn’t contribute too many new ideas to the genre.

The roads in Offroad Legends aren’t ‘roads’ so much as they’re dirt-covered hills. Some amount to gentle swells, while others tower and then drop off suddenly. There are also lava pits to be avoided, ramps to rocket from, and ‘Road Closed’ signs to totally ignore.

There are four vehicle classes in Offroad Legends, and each one demonstrates different strengths and weaknesses when tackling courses. Monster Trucks are good all-around vehicles. Trucks are slow, but take a lot of punishment. 4×4’s are light and move quickly, and funny cars are’¦well, they’re funny.

Delivering Your Cargo Safely Since Never-Ever.

There are several vehicles to unlock in each class, which is handy. If you’re having trouble reaching the end-level goal on one track, picking a lighter or heavier vehicle option in that same category can make all the difference.

Gameplay-wise, Offroad Legends works like most offroad driving games: you typically need to reach the end of a track by a certain amount of time, and the faster you get there, the more stars you earn. Stars are necessary to progress to other Cups. There are occasional variations on the main theme, though, like having to deliver cargo safely to the finish line (no-one in this game universe has heard of bungee cords or ropes, apparently), and making long and/or difficult jumps for stars.

“You got the touch. You got the power. YEAH!”

Offorad Legends puts emphasis on doing your best despite battle damage, however. Your car has a health meter, and if it depletes to 0, your car goes kablooey. Don’t worry though, the vehicles in Offroad Legends are a little more hardy than your 1998 Ford Taurus. In fact, you might lose a wheel in a hard landing, but you can still make a run for the finish line. Heck, you can still attempt to finish the race if you’re down to two wheels, but more often than not you amble miserably along like some kind of sick creature that should have been put down out of mercy years ago. Nevertheless, if you do manage to hobble across the finish line in this state, it’s immensely rewarding and kind of hilarious.

There’s not a whole lot wrong with Offroad Legends aside from the fact that you’ve played it all before. You’re still going to have fun bouncing along unpaved roads on humungo tires, though the game still offers up moments of irritation thanks to tricky jumps and lava traps. But if you’re a collector of off-road driving games (and if you’re not, give the hobby a try, it beats spearing butterflies to a board any day of the week), make room in your garage for Offroad Legends.

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